10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs Reviews

10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs For The US & CA Markets

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10 Best Zero Gravity Chairs

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Best Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

We spent weeks going through the zero-gravity chairs and recliners available in the market today and after our stringent analysis we are going to share here the complete review of the best units that we believe are really worth checking out.

The Best Regular Size: Best Choice Products – Set of 2

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This set of 2 recliners from the brand Best Choice Products is our pick for the best regular size zero gravity chair.

First, the manufacturer advertises them as portable chairs for the beach and camping, but they weigh over sixteen pounds each. That’s because they have tubular steel frames and sturdy fabric suspended on a replaceable double bungee cord system.

As a result, the chairs are heavier than the typical aluminum lawn chair. But these features make them more durable, too.

Each chair is strong enough to support up to 250 pounds. But if you prefer an oversized recliner, check out the one we’ll review below.

The breathable Textilene fabric of the body of the chair is high-strength polyester blended with PVC fiber. It’s resistant to fading, and it doesn’t absorb or transfer heat like hard plastic.

It’s also easy to wipe clean.

The recliners come with a detachable seven-inch tall, two-inch thick pillow that serves as either a headrest or lumbar support. It detaches and slides up or down the frame.

It’s made of the same Textilene material as the body of the chair.

Although the chair frame is only available in powder-coated black, the body of the chair comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from shades of blue, burgundy, and neutral tones like black, gray, and brown.

Furthermore, each of these recliners is 25 inches wide, including the armrests. The seat is wider than an economy class seat in an airplane.

And the overall length is 61 inches when the chair is fully open.

Moreover, there is another feature that makes this set of chairs convenient for lounging. Each one has a removable accessory tray. Also, the trays have room for two cups, slots for a phone or remote, plus space for a tablet or a book.

And that’s a big win for convenience.

With all these handy features, what’s the catch?

Best Choice Products recommends bringing the chairs indoors when it rains because they could rust.

And here are some main pros and cons of the chairs you should notice.


  • Powder-coated steel frame supports up to 250 pounds
  • Textilene fabric resists fading and stays cool
  • Detachable accessory tray with cup holder
  • Adjustable pillow/lumbar support
  • Replaceable suspension system
  • Folds for transport and storage


  • Not weather-proof (frame only)

The Best Oversized: Timber Ridge Oversized Recliner

[buyingbox post_url=”/timber-ridge-350-pounds-oversized-zero-gravity-chair/” phashtag=”top-03″]

This recliner from Timber Ridge is our pick for the best oversized zero gravity chair.

How does the Timber Ridge Oversize Recliner compare to other XL models?

Let’s just say that if you’re over 6-feet tall, this may be the best choice for you.

When the chair is fully open, it measures 72 inches in length. That’s almost a foot longer than most competing brands.

Although it’s considerably longer, it’s not as wide as some oversized chairs.

It measures 21.3 inches in width. To give you an idea of what that means, it’s wider than an airline seat or a typical lawn chair. But it’s not as roomy as the Caravan Sports Infinity chair that we reviewed above.

On the other hand, it supports up to 350 pounds. Furthermore, it’s covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s rare to find a warranty this long at this price point.

Appealing features

Let’s examine the other highlights of this zero gravity recliner.

For one, the body of the chair consists of padded polyester fabric. This padding is pleasant because it reduces pressure on sore muscles and joints. Plus, there is also a removable headrest pillow that can serve as lumbar support.

Next, the plastic armrests are topped by a layer of finished wood. That’s not just for decoration; it also keeps the arms of the chair from getting too hot in the sun. Similar to the PHI VILLA above.

Finally, the Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is available in blue, earth tone, and camouflage color schemes. It folds up for convenient transport outdoors and around the house.


  • Measures 6 feet long when fully reclined
  • Seat width is 21.3 inches
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Padded polyester fabric is available in three patterns
  • Wooden armrests stay cooler than plastic in the hot sun
  • Includes an adjustable pillow
  • Covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • The 21.3-inch width isn’t as spacious as some competing models

The Best Recliner With Canopy

[buyingbox post_url=”/best-choice-products-sky2337-zero-gravity-chairs-with-canopy-sunshade/” phashtag=”top-01″]

This is our pick for the best zero gravity chair with a canopy sunshade along with the top 5 that we reviewed here.

There’s only a small difference in price, but there’s a big difference in comfort.

Did you know that Best Choice Products sells their classic outdoor recliner with an adjustable canopy?

Under the canopy, you can take off your hat and relax. The sunshade makes it possible to enjoy screen time outdoors, and it reduces glare on the pages of your book.

Let’s examine the canopy up close. Initially, you can see that it measures about two feet by a foot and a half.

That’s just large enough to shade your head and shoulders on a sunny day.

After that, notice that it consists of a double layer of the same fabric as the body of the chair. This material is called Textilene. It’s a PVC mesh that is resistant to UV light. It also dries quickly if it gets wet.

Subsequently, the canopy is suspended on an angled metal frame attached to the chair. You can pull the frame forward or push it back to block the sun.

It’s also possible to clip it against the back of the chair out of the way.

But the sunshade isn’t the only convenient part of the Best Choice recliner. There’s also a snap-on tray.

The tray has places to hold a bottle and a coffee cup, a phone, and a tablet or a book. You won’t need to park the recliner next to a table because all your essentials will be close at hand. Or if you don’t want to use the tray, just pull it off the frame.

Let’s move on to the chair itself.

As we mentioned, the body of the chair is breathable Texteline fabric. That’s suspended on a double bungee cord system for comfort and durability. There’s also a pillow made of the same material. It’s on a Velcro strap that lets you move it down to serve as a lumbar support if you prefer.

When you want to recline, unlock the chair with the levers under the armrests. Then lean back and push on the arms. Once you reach the perfect position, lock it into place with the levers.

The recliner supports up to 250 pounds, and it’s about 61 inches long when fully open. Its seat width is about 19 inches between the armrests. Therefore, this chair best fits persons of average size.

While it’s certainly more comfortable than the average lawn chair, there are oversize recliners that are more pleasant for large and tall users.

As a final point about the Best Choice Products chair, it’s available in a variety of colors to suit your patio décor. There are seven shades, from black and gray to blues and burgundy.


  • Adjustable canopy shades head and shoulders
  • Canopy clips behind the chair when not needed
  • Detachable tray holds cups, a phone, and a tablet
  • Durable UV-resistant fabric lets air circulate and dries quickly
  • Adjustable and removable pillow/lumbar support
  • Locking levers underneath the armrests
  • Steel frame supports up to 250 pounds
  • Folds for transport and storage
  • Available in various colors


  • Suitable for average-size persons; not for those who prefer oversize chairs

The best regular leather padded recliner

[buyingbox post_url=”/homall-t-lr72p0-leather-padded-recliner/” phashtag=”top-02″]

Homall ‘s classy black recliner allows you to have the comfort of a full-size chair in a small room.

It’s upholstered in PU leather, which is split-grain leather coated with polyurethane. This material is popular in the furniture industry because it’s durable and easier to clean than full-grain leather.

It retains a “like new” appearance for a long time and doesn’t have a strong odor.

Underneath the leather-like surface is high-density foam that springs back into shape easily. This padding covers the seat, backrest, leg rest, and headrest to maximize your relaxation when you recline.

And to tip the chair back and bring up the footrest, all you need to do is press your body backward.

The smooth reclining action is made possible by the 3mm-thick sturdy steel frame that supports up to 265 pounds. Lots of customers say that the Homall recliner is simple to use.

They don’t need to exert much force to recline the chair or push it back upright. But there is no way to lock the position.

The only other downside to the Homall recliner is that it requires assembly. Owners report that it’s not difficult to put together since there are only two pieces. And the company offers free exchanges (or a refund) in case there are missing parts or any other problems.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the comfortable characteristics of the recliner, let’s take a look at its dimensions.

The seat is 17.7 inches off the ground. Compare that to the average height of a dining room chair which is 18 inches.

Next, the seat cushion is 22.1 inches deep and 19.7 inches wide. That is a little roomier than an airline seat. And when the chair is fully open, it measures 62.6 inches from the tip of the footrest to the top of the headrest.

This much recline is rarely available even in first-class.


  • Black leather recliner is attractive for a living room or office
  • Smooth reclining action
  • Polyurethane leather surface is durable and easy to clean
  • High-density sponge padding throughout the seat, headrest, and footrest plus curved armrests
  • Compact size allows it to fit where a full-size recliner cannot
  • Steel frame supports up to 265 pounds
  • Non-marking rubber feet
  • Covered by a free exchange or full refund policy


  • Assembly is required, but there are only two pieces plus the protective feet

The best recliner with massage & heat

[buyingbox post_url=”/esright-300-pounds-leather-padded-recliner/” phashtag=”top-01″]

The Esright Massage Recliner is stunning. Not only is it plushly upholstered with plenty of cushion in all the right places, it includes very attractive features.

To start with, once you’re seated, you can enjoy heat and massage for your back and legs.

The massage functions include five modes with two levels of intensity.

You’ll control them with the included remote that you can store in one of the four onboard pockets. And the only downside is that the heat function only works when the massage function is operating.

Besides the large pockets on the sides of the chair, there are two small pockets on the front along with two cup holders. In other words, you can keep everything you need close at hand, from your phone or tablet to reading material and refreshment.

The chair swivels 360°, and it reclines up to 150°, which allows you to lie almost prone.

But that’s not all. The recliner rocks, too.

The soft foam padding cushions your body while you enjoy the luxurious texture of the upholstery. It’s PU leather which stands up well to regular use and is easy to wipe clean.

It doesn’t require the same amount of care and attention as more expensive leather.

Finally, you’ll find that the dimensions of this chair are spacious. They include a 35.8-inch seat width and a 28.7-inch backrest.


  • Vibrating massage and heat for back and legs
  • Polyurethane-coated leather that is easy to maintain
  • Roomy dimensions
  • Soft foam cushioning
  • Reclines to 150°, swivels 360°, and rocks
  • Two cup holders and four storage pockets


  • Some assembly required
  • Heat function requires massage function to operate

The best recliner with ottoman

[buyingbox post_url=”/flash-furniture-bt-7862-bk-gg-leather-padded-recliner/” phashtag=”top-08″]

The Flash Furniture recliner and Ottoman have a very appealing feature. They offer both heat and massage for your back and legs.

Prop up your feet and set the timer to relax with nine massage modes and five levels of intensity. Then store the remote in the right-hand side pocket.

Owners of the chair say that the massage feature is quiet and soothing. They describe the vibration as similar to sitting in a hot tub. Just turn the knob to recline almost flat and enjoy it in maximum comfort.

The sumptuous LeatherSoft upholstery contributes to your deep relaxation.

There is plenty of cushioning built into the chair from the headrest to the armrests, the back, and seat. Along with that, the recliner swivels, making it more convenient than a typical lounge.

We like its contemporary design down to the leather-wrapped bases on the chair and ottoman. Moreover, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

There aren’t any real downsides to this chair when compared to its value. Yes, it requires electricity to operate so it will need to be placed near an outlet.

And when it arrives, it requires assembly. But those are small details compared to the pleasure it offers.


  • LeatherSoft bi-cast leather that is easy to clean
  • Plush padding throughout the chair
  • Massage and heat for the back and legs
  • Remote controls intensity and zones
  • Right side pocket stores the remote and other items
  • Reclines almost prone and swivels
  • Ottoman is detachable
  • Leather-wrapped bases on chair and ottoman
  • 2-year warranty


  • Assembly required
  • Must be plugged in to operate massage and heat

Choosing the best zero gravity chair or recliner is no longer an easy endeavor now but a little help and the right information can really simplify things out.

With the rising popularity of zero gravity chairs and recliners, many different manufacturers have emerged with all kinds of designs and styles.

So you get to choose the style that suits you best. It’s important you also know which features to consider when picking a zero gravity chair.

Our buyer’s guide below covers all these key features which you certainly have to keep an eye on if at all you want to get value for your money.

With that said, dive in and get to see if one of these amazing chairs will win your heart.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

Best Zero Gravity Chair, Best Zero Gravity Recliner Review

A zero gravity chair or recliner is a specially designed chair that allows you to sit in a zero-gravity position which is a position that imposes a minimal gravitational force on your body hence minimizing pressure on the body.

How Does A Zero Gravity Chair Work?

A zero gravity is designed a whole lot different from your average, standard sitting chair. It has a footrest that moves up or can change angle as it reclines further and further. 

The mechanism used to make the chair works by elevating your feet and legs while gently reclining your body into a position where your entire weight is evenly distributed across the chair.

The result is feeling like you are floating mid-air in which there’s no gravity pulling you down hence you experience total relaxation and comfort that’s free of stress.

All the positions from full recline to upright, are safely secured by a locking mechanism and as such you get to relax in your desired position with confidence.

What Are The Benefits?

There are so many benefits to both your body and mind that you get by using a zero gravity chair besides just the fun of it.

Relieves Back Pains

A zero gravity chair is really helpful and essential for those suffering from mild or chronic back pains. Unlike the other normal chairs, the recline position of this chair helps to reduce pressure on both the spine and ribcage.

Therefore, you end up feeling highly comfortable with a nice soothing effect to your back and overall body which ultimately leads to great relief from back as well as neck pains.

Reduces Stress and Improves Overall Blood Circulation

Besides relieving back and neck pains, a zero gravity chair is so effective at reducing muscle tension. Its recline nature facilitates even distribution of weight across your whole body hence releasing tension in the surrounding tissues.

As a result, you get to enjoy the best relaxing comfort without the usual body stress. It’s definitely an excellent way to drive away those workday stresses.

In addition, the zero gravity position afforded by these chairs is proven to improve blood circulation throughout the body as well as lung function while minimizing stress on your heart.

Comfortable Safe Sleeping for Pregnant Women

Proper sleep and sleeping position are always vital during the pregnancy period. A zero gravity chair can help facilitate that comfortable safe sleeping position that pregnant women require and help them get proper sleep.

Back pain is also a very common problem during pregnancy and regular use of a zero gravity chair can as well help relieve those back pains naturally.

Perfect Outdoor Chair

Not only is a zero gravity chair super comfortable and useful, but it’s also multipurpose. It can make an excellent outdoor chair for patios, lawns and poolside.

Most units are specially made to endure external conditions from heat, rainwater, and dust. They simply offer a highly comfy and relaxed way to enjoy that natural, pleasant sun-kissed warmth.

Who Will Need A Zero Gravity Chair?

A zero gravity chair is basically ideal for anyone looking for a chair that can give them that extra comfort for their indoor or outdoor lounging needs.

If you are a pool partyer, porch sitter or beachgoer, then a good chair to relax is something you would want to have and a zero gravity chair is certainly what you need.

It’s also a perfect option for those suffering from mild or chronic back and neck pains or has damage to the spine.

If you just had spinal or back surgery, you might find a zero gravity chair really useful considering that it normally takes time to fully recover from such a surgery. It can effectively help cut down the post-operation recovery period.

Finally, this specially-designed chair is as well highly recommended for pregnant women as it can help them maintain a comfortable sleeping position, get proper sleep and relieve back pains which like I mentioned earlier is a very common problem during the pregnancy period.

There’s no doubt that there are many benefits you can get from using a zero gravity chair. Whether it’s just for fun and comfort or for addressing a certain health issue, it’s totally an investment that you will appreciate in the long run.

However, you can only get to enjoy these benefits when you purchase a good quality, functional recliner that suits your exact needs.

 All of the zero gravity chairs we’ve listed herein have their strengths and weaknesses but if you look at the many options currently available on the market, these are undoubtedly the best you can find.

Therefore, whatever unit you choose, we are certain you won’t go wrong.

You just need to make sure you take into consideration all the key factors we’ve discussed in our buying guide below along with your particular needs and you would be in a better position to which unit works best for you.

The Buying Guide

(How To Find Your Best Zero Gravity Chair)

You are looking for the best zero gravity chair, so what are the key things you need to consider to ensure that you pick the best unit that will suit your exact needs?

Well, we are going to cover all that in this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision so that you can get value for your money.

Here are 8 main factors you should look out for:

1. Type of Chair

As you’ve seen from the reviews above, zero gravity chairs come in multiple designs and the first thing you want to consider before buying one is what you intend to use it.

If you are planning to only use it indoors, then a standard chair would do just fine. However, if you are going to use it outdoors, then you need a chair that can withstand the weather conditions outside.

In other words, you should look for a chair made of a waterproof, UV-resistant material like polyester fabric. The frame should be powder coated or have some sort of coating that can help prevent rusting.

Since you are going to have to move the chair often, you also want something that’s lightweight for easier movement. In case you will be taking it with you for a trip or at the beach, look for units that fold down to a compact size for easier storage and transportation.

One essential feature that you want to look out for especially if you are getting a chair for outdoor activities like going to the beach is the canopy attachment. If you don’t want to get sunburned or fully exposed to the elements, then this is definitely a must-have feature.

Our list above has some of the best canopy zero gravity chairs that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun outdoors without getting sunburned.

Of course, you can find some options out there that are ideal for both indoors and outdoors, and these are a good choice for those that want a versatile chair.

2. Size of the Chair

The second most important thing you must factor in is the size of the chair. Zero gravity chairs vary widely when it comes to size. Some units are bigger than others, so there’s no all size fits all.

You want to ensure that you pick something that will give you the best fit and the first thing you should consider is the overall width. If you are a small or average person, then you can go with a standard zero gravity chair.

On the other hand, if you are a medium or big guy, then you may consider getting an oversized chair like the ones we’ve listed above. Look for a unit that’s at least four to five inches wider than a regular chair, probably 20 inches and above.

Keep an eye too on the height of the backrest and overall length of the chair. You don’t want a unit that’s uncomfortably short such that your legs end up hanging over the footrest. It should match your height so that you can get full support of your entire body.

In this case, if you are 6 ft. tall or above, then oversized or XL zero gravity chair will be a more preferable and beneficial option over the standard variations.

You should also check on the size of the footrest to make sure it’s a comfortable size to support your entire legs properly so that you can relax on it without stress.

If you are not sure about what size is right for you, the best move is to measure your body including the height and then compare it to the dimensions of the chair.

This way it will much easier to know whether the chair you are considering is going to be sufficient enough for your body shape and height or a good fit overall.

3. Build Quality and Durability

Build quality and durability are always key factors when buying a zero gravity chair and if you are to spend your hard-earned money, at least you would want to spend it on something that can last.

This is particularly vital if you are going to mostly use the chair outdoors. It should be able to face the challenges. Generally, the quality and durability of any zero gravity chair come down to the construction and materials used to make it.

Key considerations here should be the frame and fabric.  If you want something that server for years, then look for a unit with a sturdy, stainless steel frame.

Ensure that the frame is powder-coated, especially if you will use the chair near the ocean or the pool. The water in the atmosphere might cause the frame to rust and powder coating can help prevent the rusting.

For the fabric, look for a UV-resistant fabric. Textilene fabric is a preferable choice for most outdoor zero gravity chairs as it’s a PVC coated polyester material that’s quite resistant to weather wear.

Furthermore, because of their mesh design, they are so breathable hence don’t retain heat. You will always be guaranteed a comfortable and cool seating surface even on those hot summer days.

The final thing you should look at here is the bungee system. It should be sturdy and supportive. The best option is a double bungee system consisting of strong yet elastic cords that will stretch to conform to your body shape without tearing or ripping.

4. Weight Capacity and Stability

The best zero gravity chair is one that’s capable of supporting your weight without collapsing. While this will majorly depend on the quality and strength of the framework, you need to check the specified weight capacity by the manufacturer to ensure that it can hold.

For the most part, you shouldn’t have any problem finding this information as it’s often listed in the product specifications.

Besides the weight capacity, stability is also something you want to factor in when evaluating different options. The unit you choose should be stable regardless of the position you recline to.

This way you won’t have to worry about collapsing or tipping over and it as well means that the chair will remain balanced properly, especially when lying flat.

We would recommend considering units that feature non-skid feet as it will go a long way to help keep the chair firmly in place even with sudden movements.

5. Level of Comfort

Comfort is paramount when it comes to choosing a zero gravity chair because the whole idea of getting this type of chair is to be able to enjoy relaxing in it and help you relieve back pains.

Therefore, for it to be beneficial, it should be at least comfortable to sit on for a prolonged period of time. This basically won’t happen without proper cushioning and a nice pillow for the headrest.

If you want the best comfort, look for a unit that comes with a wider and puffier pillow so that you can have ample head and neck support. Having the ability to adjust or detach the pillow is also essential, so this is something you want to consider as well.

Some models like the Timber Ridge and PHI VILLA oversize recliners have extra padding in their fabric. These are a perfect option if you want a bit more comfort than what you can get from the usual thin mesh fabric of most standard zero gravity chairs.

6. Reclining Performance

The central purpose of getting a zero gravity chair is the fact it reclines. This is the most important thing along with comfort and you want to make sure the reclining system works perfectly.

You will find units that can recline more than others and as such, you should always ensure you’ve checked how far your chair of choice reclines.

If you are after the health benefit of using a zero gravity chair, then a good fit for you would be a unit that reclines more, probably beyond 130°. This is much effective in helping with back and neck pains as well as stress.

On the other hand, if you want something for relaxing outdoors at the poolside or beach, then you can consider a unit with a little less recline. Whatever option you go with, ensure that the reclining system offers an easy, reliable and consistent way to adjust the char down smoothly.

7. Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is another vital part of a zero gravity chair as it’s what helps keep the selected position in place to prevent the chair from reclining further or moving up.

It’s one of the components that you should really take seriously if you want to have a useful and functional chair. The most common types of locking mechanisms you will find in the market are finger and angle locking systems.

The finger system uses a ring or loop hole which you pull to lock the chair in position while the angle locking system utilizes a lever-like mechanism to keep the chair fixed once reclined.

Here, regardless of the chair you choose, what you want to ensure is that the locking system is robust enough to securely lock your preferred position in place while being easy to operate.

There are some models that feature systems that can lock into multiple positions and this is the best option if you want complete control over the chair and its reclining ability.

8. Other things to consider

Massage vs. Normal

Zero gravity chairs already relieve back pain by design.  But many indoor models offer heat and massage for active relief of aches and stiffness.

Please note that some massage recliners support the zero gravity position while others don’t.

Overall, a zero gravity massage chair would be the best choice for older adults or people with back pain.

In addition, some recliners have a lift function, too. They are opportune for folks with limited mobility.

With/Without An Ottoman

Although some massage chairs don’t have the zero gravity feature, they include an Ottoman to rest your feet and legs.

Many times this footstool can supply massage and heat to your lower body just as the chair does.

Now that you’ve had a taste of what’s to come, let’s dig into the reviews of each chair to find the best zero gravity chair that you want.




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