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Daniel Wiley


My name is Daniel Wiley, I’m the administrator & author at https://zerokchairs.com/.

I am a “Product Reviews Reader” (because of badass it isn’t an official job title).


I read every single review (both positive & negative) from the verified purchase customers about the products I listed on my website.

The fact is:

In the first two quarters of 2019, I’ve read more than 150.000 reviews from the same number of the verified purchase (real) customers on 250 single product.

The result is to have about 20 ultimate products reviews articles as you can find at Zerok Chairs.

And I named my job is “Product Reviews Reader“.


What Is Zerok Chairs & Why I’m Doing It?

Why I’m doing that crazy “job”?

It’s simple. (but not simple)

I want to bring you something new and difference.

For sure, you will want to see what other (real) customers say or comment about the products that you are going to buy, not an individual opinion from a random guy.

You will want to see how a customer satisfied with the product in real life, not a piece of meaningless advice from a blog post that might be written by the guy who even doesn’t know anything about the product.

Zerok Chairs is where you will find what you want to make the right order placement for the product that you need.

All the information you can find at zerokchairs.com is based on real customers’ feedback about the listed products, not my opinion.

So you can trust.


Any questions or concern please get in touch with me:

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