Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

As we perused reviews for the Akari oversized zero gravity chair, we noticed that there was some confusion over the description.

It’s listed as having three pieces, leading people to believe this is a three-chair set. But it’s not, it’s a deluxe set with three components for maximum comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at this all-in-one kit for outdoor lounging.

Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair itself is similar to other lounges in its class.

It has a best-selling design that includes rugged Texteline fabric suspended by a dual bungee cord system on a tubular steel frame. There are several reasons why this material and style is popular right now.

To explain Texteline’s popularity, we’ll look at its benefits.

For one, this plastic fiber is durable, breathable, and resistant to fading under UV light.

Then, it’s not machine-washable, but it’s easy to wipe clean. Combined with the bungee cord suspension system, the fabric gives just enough to comfortably cradle the user’s body as they sit or lie down in the chair.

Next, Texteline is available in a variety of colors to match almost any outdoor decor.

Akari Decor currently offers this chair in black, brown, and blue. But other manufacturers that use the same material sell chairs in brighter shades.

Furthermore, the tubular steel frame is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds. But it folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

It’s also powder-coated to resist scratching and moisture.

When it comes to a zero gravity chair, customers are interested in how far the chair reclines, and how easy it is to lock into position.

We are happy to report that the Akari lounge reaches the full zero gravity position. And it’s straightforward to lock in place with the lever underneath the armrest.

There are several other reclining positions to choose from, and all of them lock solid so that the chair doesn’t lean backward unexpectedly.

And no matter the position, the detachable accessory tray stays level. But we’ll focus more on that in a moment.

Let’s move on to the size of the chair.

It’s described as “oversized.” But what does that really mean?

The specifications state that the folded chair measures 45 inches tall by 36 inches long by 30 inches wide. Akari also reports that the width of the fabric is 21 inches across.

And a customer measured the length of the chair to be 69.5 inches when fully extended. We can take all this information and extrapolate a conclusion.

The average lawn chair has a seat width of fewer than 19 inches. So does the average airplane seat in economy class.

Meanwhile, the Akari lounge seat is more than 21 inches across between the armrests. We say that qualifies as oversized.

Next, customers who self-report as being over 6 feet tall find that their lower legs are unsupported unless they place their feet on the footrest. This is logical since the fully extended chair measures less than 6 feet in length.

But this fact doesn’t seem to stop buyers because they comment that the recliner is very comfortable all the same.

Now let’s discuss the accessories that come with the chair.

First, there is an adjustable sunshade canopy. It’s mounted to the frame, but it comes off if the screws are removed.

It moves up and down to accommodate the height of the user and the angle of the sun. And the two layers of fabric provide cool shade on a sunny day.

In addition, there is a detachable drink tray. It eliminates the need for a nearby table.

In the tray, there are round openings for two cups, or a water bottle and a mug. Plus, there’s a small slot for a remote control or cell phone, and a larger slot for a tablet or a book.

And the tray remains level no matter how far back the user reclines.

Finally, the chair comes with a detachable pillow.

It’s covered in the same UV-resistant material as the body of the chair. It’s possible to relocate it to serve as a headrest or lumbar support according to need. In summary, the Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair with 3-piece set has everything a person needs for a restful afternoon on the patio or the beach.

The Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair is significantly roomier than the average lawn chair.

And it stands out from the competition because it comes in a three-piece set. The set includes a sunshade canopy and a drink tray. And these accessories are adjustable and detachable.

Shoppers who plan to use their zero gravity recliner outdoors find that this is one of the better options. That’s because no extra furniture is needed to relax in the backyard, by the pool, or on a camping trip.


  • At over 21 inches, the seat is wider than the average lawn chair
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Textilene fabric resists fading and is breathable
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Reclines to full zero-gravity point
  • Easy-to-use lever to lock position
  • Comes with detachable drink tray and sunshade canopy
  • Folds for transport


  • The length is not as oversized as the width
  • Currently available in only three colors

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ProductAkari Decor Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
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Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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