Best Choice Products 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

The only thing that might be more fun than having your own zero gravity chair is sharing one with someone special.

This double-wide recliner from Best Choice Products is 50 inches across, and it supports up to 450 pounds.

In it, one person can spread out, or two can nestle.

Besides the impressive width, you’ll also get two accessory trays, one for each side. Each tray has a cup holder, a slot for a phone or remote control, and room for snacks.

Other highlights

Even though this chair is significantly wider than standard versions, it folds down to only 8 inches thick. Of course, it weighs a little more at 32 pounds.

And its length when fully reclined is only average.

There’s also an adjustable headrest that’s made of the same UV-resistant mesh fabric that forms the body of the chair. This material is breathable and can be wiped clean. Moreover, it’s suspended on a double bungee system for comfort.

In conclusion, the recliner has twin levers that lock the chair into position. Plus, it has a powder-coated steel frame and non-skid feet.


  • Extra roomy for one or comfy for two due to the 50-inch width
  • Supports up to 450 pounds
  • Breathable fabric resists fading
  • Detachable accessory trays with cup holders
  • Lever-locking system
  • Adjustable pillow/lumbar support
  • Non-skid feet and powder-coated steel frame
  • Folds for transport and storage


  • Although it’s double-wide, it’s no longer than the standard model

Best Choice Products Oversized Version

The Best Choice Products oversized lounge isn’t as long as some of the others in our reviews, but it is quite wide.

It comes with a convenient accessory tray. Instead of arranging your chair by a table, you can store necessities nearby.

This removable tray has space for a coffee mug plus another drink, a phone, and a tablet or book.

As for the recliner’s specifications, it supports up to 250 pounds and measures 62.25 inches when fully reclined. That makes it about a foot shorter than the Timber Ridge model above.

But there’s another fact to consider.

The highlight of this recliner is that its width is an astonishing 32 inches. So while it may not be the best zero gravity chair for very tall users, it’s certainly roomy.

It’s more than 6 inches wider than the typical cinema seat.

Additional benefits

Like many of the zero gravity chairs in our reviews, this one is made of breathable, UV-resistant fabric supported by a double bungee cord system.

The chair fabric is available in several colors. And it includes a matching adjustable pillow that serves as a headrest or support for your lower back.

Next, the ergonomically-shaped armrests sport finger-sized rings underneath. These rings allow you to lock the recliner into any position you desire.

As a final point, the Best Choice Products chair weighs only 19 pounds. That makes it one of the lightest choices in our reviews.


  • The oversized chair is 32 inches wide
  • Powder-coated steel frame supports up to 250 pounds
  • UV-resistant fabric available in several colors
  • Adjustable headrest doubles as a lumbar support
  • Includes a cup holder accessory tray
  • Weighs only 19 pounds
  • Folds up for transport and storage
  • Dual fingertip locking system keeps the chair and position


  • Although the width is oversize, the length is a little shorter than standard models

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ProductBest Choice Products 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
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Best Choice Products 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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