BestMassage Canopy Recliner Reviews

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By providing an unparalleled level of comfort, the BestMassage recliner chair makes a perfect selection to cater for all your relaxation requirements. The zero-gravity chair includes a solid construction and special features that are beneficial to improve blood circulation and relieve back pains.

Design & Frame

First and foremost, this recliner involves a sophisticated design and strong durable construction.

The entire structure has a great outlook with attractive aesthetic feel as it involves a metallic frame, folding canopy shade, side cup holder, non-skip leg support and bungee suspension design.

Its tubular frame is made of durable steel material and features a triangular support structure to offer maximum weight support and make for a comfy seat experience. The steel frame is strong, sturdy and highly durable to ensure the unit meets its expectations.

The combination of the sturdy steel frame, durable fabric, and heavy-duty bungee suspension ropes makes the recliner firm and stable to bear the weight of any family member. The maximum load-bearing capacity for this zero-gravity recliner is 250 pounds.

What’s more impressive is the non-slip footrest. The anti-slip leg covers will shield your floor from marks and scratches while preventing the legs from wearing out. In fact, the skid-proof footrest makes the chair much stable while reclining.

Padding & Fabric

Made from the finest materials, the seat surface is long-lasting and tough for regular use. It is made from premium quality Textilene fabric material.

The fabric has a reasonable weight-bearing capacity and is tear-resistant. The friendly Textilene material produces no odour and can be used on many occasions.

In hot summer days, the fabric reduces heat transfer since it’s well ventilated to make a cooler sunny day experience. However, during cold winter days, you can place cushions on the seat to provide some extra warmth as you lay on the chair.

When it comes to the comfort offered and usage of the recliner, you will realize that its high-quality fabric has a double reinforcement with the steel crossbar. The bungee rope design has a high resistance level to hold and keep you in place.

This means that you will not be thrown backwards as soon as you place your body on the seat. The zero-gravity recliner provides the required amount of pressure to position you in the exact spot as per your liking and comfort requirements.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

Besides, the unit features a soft headrest pillow to aid you to get quality sleep. The comfy dismountable pillow can smoothly slide up or down the back frame as you desire. This offers a headrest and aids you relieve pressure from the cervical spine.

Accessory Tray

A side tray cupholder is included in the package. The easily attached cup holder is strong and durable since it has steel frame protection. It is strategically placed to provide easy access to small items on the side tray such as drinks, phones, magazines, and books. 

Canopy Sun Shade

In comparison to other standard outdoor chairs, the Bestmassage features an adjustable sunshade. The flexible canopy is easy to set up and adjust to any position or angle as desired. The canopy keeps off sunlight from your face and makes for a glare-free reading surrounding.

Size & Weight

When completely opened, the unit acquires a maximum length of 61-inches. In this position, the tip of the back frame is 32.5-inches high, the headrest 28.5-inches high, the seat 12.2-inches high and the footrest 24.5-inches high from the ground.

In the sitting position, the height of the back frame is 42.5-inches, the seat 13-inches and the armrest 19.5-inches from the ground level. The brilliantly constructed patio recliner features a folding design that is ideal for storage and travel.

Once folded, the compact design measures 26-inches long by 5.5-inches wide by 37-inches high. In this size, you simply fold it and store behind your dresser or in a cabinet so that its completely out of sight until the next time it’s needed.

With this recliner, there is no assembly required as it arrives fully assembled. It comes packaged in its folded design and you will need to open then set it up for either sitting or relaxing. There is no hardware or equipment included.

The recliner is carefully made by a well reputable company and you are assured of quality. Its reclining system is innovatively designed to last for years. Impressively, you will receive two pieces of chairs at a fair price when you purchase this product.

Since the product is available in two sets, it is highly recommendable to any couple or lovebirds looking for a perfect way to relax. It features an adjustable canopy that comes in handy during hot sunny days while having a break by the poolside, at the beach or backyard.


  • No assembly needed
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Sturdy construction
  • Folding design for easy storage and portability
  • Attractive design and outlook
  • Non-skid footrests for extra stability


  • Might be a bit shot for larger and taller people
  • It’s somewhat heavy

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