Ever Advanced Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Although there are zero gravity chairs out there that offers maximum support and comfort, not all of them are capable of holding big, tall and heavy people.

With Ever Advanced oversized recliner you can get one of a kind comfort.

Design & Frame

As the name suggests, it is a newly upgraded chair design and constructed to effectively meet the customer’s needs. The chair is designed with a combination of three beautiful colours including grey, green and black. It’s a very stylish unit perfect for those that love chairs matching their aesthetic tastes.

Amazing as it looks, this chair has great practical features that will definitely attract your attention right after your first time sitting. In fact, the frames of the chair are made of durable reinforced-tube steel coated with powder to withstand the destructive elements.

Whoever designed this great-quality chair was really serious about it. It features a skidproof material on the legs of the chair.  Yet it’s not only great for extra stability but also a strong support system that is safe to your floor.

Despite the frail appearance of its frame, it is quite heavy duty and strong and can hold up to 350 lbs worth of weight. Additionally, it can withstand heavy daily use and a lot of force directed to it.

Padding & Fabric

More than this, the seating is fully padded with durable polyester fabric that allows you to relax and enjoy a bottle of beer while fully immersed. The padded seat offers plenty of comfort and support which is more of a bed-like experience.

Built with great craftsmanship, the material is both waterproof and mildew resistant. However, in order to maintain its quality state, you are advised to avoid prolonged sun exposure and ensure to keep it away from rain or water when not in use.

Without a doubt, this is among the most comfortable zero-gravity chair to sit on. Built with strong double rope this chair has an idle support system that allows you to relax your back comfortably. Best used for lounging in the poolside, around the backyard or an open area.

Reclining & Locking

One of the main reasons to buy a zero-gravity chair is because it can be reclined to give you optimum gravity-free relaxation. With this chair, you can sit upright or lie in a half by adjusting the angle between 0- 170-degrees.

The feet can be raised up once in a reclined position. As a result, your blood circulation increases at the same time you get to enjoy pain-free back and leg. Also, the triangle leg structure increases stability which ensures you get safe load-bearing.

When it comes to gravity chair, the convenience of the locking system is key. You don’t need to hassle in order to lock this chair, the minute you are reclined to the desired position, simply pull the clip back to smoothly lock the chair in place.

Size & Weight

While its overall oversized dimension being 29.5 x 32 x 45 inches, the height off the ground to the seat is 22-inches. Even better, the general length of this chair is specifically designed to serve everyone including tall or fat people.

Well, the ergonomic design of this chair when fully reclined measures 72-inches. This is an incredible length large enough for big and tall folks. If you are 6’’2’’ worry no more, it is not only large enough but also wide with a seat width of 21-inches.

In regards to portability, the Ever Advance oversized zero-gravity chair is easily foldable and only weighs 19.8lbs quite a lightweight piece to carry. When folded it measures 31″ L x 7″ W x 38.5 ” H which is a compact size that creates more space and making storage easier.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

Like many similar zero-gravity chairs, it also comes with a detachable cushioned head pillow that provides additional comfort. It can be adjusted to provide either your neck, head or waist support. The fact that it is removable and washable making it even more exciting.

Accessory Tray

Another great thing is how amazing the armrest is. It’s extra-large for additional comfort and support on your arms. You can sit back and relax while enjoying an iced cold tea conveniently placed on the side cup holder. Plus, the cup holder is removable for easy transportation.

There is no assembly required, however, there are instructions included in the package on how to set up this chair. It is important to note that once the chair is open, you must unlock it before you get to sit on it for the zero-gravity experience.

Ever Advanced manufactures guarantee you with excellent internal quality, great manufacturing methods, and strict management. This ensures you always get a high-quality chair that can stand the test of time.

This newly upgraded zero-gravity reclining chair is a great unit for those who need a high-quality chair that is also oversized. It is quite attractive and extremely comfortable a great recommendation if you want to have a Cadillac experience.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty framework
  • Comfortable fully padded seat
  • Convenient locking mechanism
  • Oversized ideal for heavy and tall people
  • Easy fold
  • Portable
  • Attractive design
  • Quality construction


  • It doesn’t recline fully

Price & Rating

ProductEver Advanced Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
BrandEver Advanced
Rating4.5 out of 5 stars (More than 241 reviews)
Recommended price144.99 USD (Check the latest price at amzn.to)
Ever Advanced Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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