Ezcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Key Features:
  • Total length (reclined): 74.8 inches
  • Seat Width: 31.5 inches
  • Capacity: 420 pounds

It is quite common to find that most of the bigger individuals are also tall. This can make finding the right zero gravity chair pretty difficult.

If you like king-size, that’s exactly what the Ezcheer oversized zero gravity chair is great for.

Based on the user experience, the Ezcheer 2019 upgraded oversized zero gravity recliner features a unique design for optimum comfort. Available in only black colour, it looks and feels just like any standard zero gravity chair; however, this unit is relatively wider and longer.

Design & Frame

It is quite a stable chair and that’s why it easily fits the big men. The high-quality, rustproof, durable cold-rolled steel frame coated with powder adds stability and strength.

You can either use this chair in the office, lawn, home or take it with you to a camping site or any other outdoor adventures.

The huge part is that it is designed to accommodate a capacity of 420 lbs. Being made of the squared heavy-duty frame it is strong, stable and safer for the big people to sit comfortably. Also, the legs are wider with the non-slip function that reduces gravity and increase stability.

Padding & Fabric

Built using the improved technology, the high-quality Teslin breathable mesh fabric is so comfortable and easy on your back.

In this case, the weather-resistant fabric is designed to reduce heat transfer and make you have a cool and more comfortable experience in hot summer days.

Therefore, Ezcheer zero gravity chair is one of the great units that can serve your relaxation needs for a long span of time. The fabric is not only of high-quality but also UV resistant which is a very crucial feature, especially for outdoor use.

Note that, you can never go wrong with the bungee cord suspension that holds you in an elevated position while adjusting to your body size. When in positioned easily lock the chair for security.

Size & Weight

While being on a reclining position a pure relaxation, it can be really uncomfortable when your feet are hanging over the edge.  Wider and longer this newly advanced Ezcheer chair has come up with a more stable and heavy-duty chair to solve this problem. Eat

This chair is suitable for wider body folks measuring 6 inches wider compared to the regular standard chair. With an incredible 31.5 inches wide seat, it has an extra backside depth that makes heavy and tall people sit in and out comfortably.

In terms of length, this chair measures 74.8 inches from the ground which is about 6 inches wider for ultimate user experience and comfort. Other than that, the additional padded pillow can be adjusted up and down to support your neck, head, and lumber.

What is more exciting is that it is portable. You can easily fold and unfold with no tricks required. When completely folded its dimension is about 37.5″ by 31.5″ by 4″, very compact and efficient size for storage.

At 20 pounds, you can carry it with you to the beach, camping site or football tournament with not so much hassle. The unit also features a removable cup holder, that can be easily converted to hold your cell phone, book or magazine while enjoying your view.

Reclining & Locking

With the body positioned in a reclined angle, you can easily adjust the angle from 90-170 degrees until you get the best comfort. Also, the chair elevates your legs which reduces pressure on your back, therefore, it is a great unit for getting rid of back pain.

The good news is that it comes fully assembled straight out of the package and ready for use. Simply set up the chair, sit and adjust to find the best angle then lock. The only set back is that it cannot recline fully flat.

Coupled with 2 years warranty, Ezcheer guarantees you great quality and durability. In case you are not satisfied with the engineering and quality of the chair you can return it for replacement. Plus, contact the manufacturer directly for the replacement of different parts.

Finally, we can conclude that Ezcheer zero gravity oversized chair is a strong heavy-duty folding outdoor chair, specifically designed to help big men finally relax in comfort. Made with great quality this chair can be a great investment worth your coin.


  • Heavy duty and durable construction
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Movable padded headrest.
  • Rust-proof powered coated steel frame
  • Long-lasting Teslin fabric
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • It reclines and adjusts smoothly
  • The new upgraded locking mechanism
  • Wider and longer effective for heavy and tall people


  • The plastic armrest isn’t padded

Price & Rating

ProductEzcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
Rating4 out of 5 stars (More than 207 reviews)
Recommended price149.99 USD (Check the latest price at amzn.to)
Ezcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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