FDW Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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The FDW chair is a great patio zero gravity lounger set of two on our list and it boasts of an appealing design and solid construction. Let’s dive in to see what it really offers.

Design & Frame

As mentioned above, it one of the most incredible designs you will ever find in a zero-gravity lounge chair. It looks stylish with minimal sophisticated features making it versatile for any room or outdoor relaxation such as camping, poolside and anywhere in the house.

This premium chair ensures that you don’t get any problem with diminishing quality. It’s a product that can last a long period of time since the tabular frame is made of high-quality durable ABC steel.

Plus, the frames are powdered-coated to prevent rusting and minimize the chances of the construction or design braking and withering.

Other than being durable, the non-slip footrest is much quieter and it also offers good protection of your floor.

In addition, it inhibits the legs of the patio chair from wearing out making it even more durable. Remember the main function is ensuring you relax comfortably without slipping over.

The entire construction of this chair is really comfortable. Besides, having a double fabric with the steel crossbar, the chair provides the much-needed double reinforcement so that you can enjoy maximum comfort. It is commonly used for reflexology and beauty salons.

Even though these zero gravity lounger chair frames are lightweight, they are also sturdy and strong enough to accommodate anyone up to 250lbs. The legs of the chair spread wide open which increases the centre of gravity thereby increasing the overall stability of the chair.

Despite being of quality construction, the powdered coated frames got some complaints from users. It appears that the chair tends to react with moisture and eventually rust, quite disappointing. So, if u will have to leave it on the rain ensure it is fully covered.

Padding & Fabric

In fact, for maximum relaxation, this premium zero gravity lounge chair is made of durable Textilene fabric. The material is strong enough to resist any tear and also, provides a good bearing capacity.

Since it’s a mesh fabric hot air pressure during summer can’t get on your way of comfortable relaxation.

Durable elastic cords suspend the material using a double bungee system in order to offer your body with optimum comfort and support. It provides just enough pressure which stretches the fabric allowing your body to automatically fit into the seat.

Basically, it is a standard size zero gravity chair designed with a dilated armrest that is wide enough for extra comfort and support. You get to experience a comfortable relaxation on your arm while chilling out on the beach or watching your favourite TV show.

Reclining & Locking

Extremely comfortable, the chair has a high resistance level to ensure that you will never fall back once seated. While in the zero-gravity position, the lounger recliner chair cradles your spine and elevates your legs reducing back pressure for a comfortable lounge and lay back.

Consequently, as you lean back to a reclining position, you can adjust the chair to any desired angle and lock it. What is more amazing is that locking the chair into position using the twist knobs is quite easy and simple for any age.

Size & Weight

In just a few seconds, this chair can be easily opened or folded up. When opened without any tilt it measures 39″ X 26″ X 42. 5″ and has a lying length of 61-inches.

Measuring 37″ X 26″ X 5. 5’’ when folded, it is compact and can be easily stored away even behind your dresser thereby saving space. Also, portable and easy to carry with you wherever you go.

This premium zero-gravity patio lounge chair by FDW requires no assembly. It comes fully assembled and once you get the package, you only need to open it, take out the folded chair, unfold and you are ready to go, easy right!

Headrest & Lumbar Support

That aside, it also has an extra support mechanism. The unit comes with an adjustable headrest that can be removed or adjusted up and down to support your neck, back or lumber.

The headrest is well padded and insulated for breathability, an ideal feature for quality sleep. Also, it can be easily wiped down and cleaned, just like the way you will clean the entire chair.

Lastly, with all that said, this zero-gravity chair is a piece of creative innovation with excellent built quality for maximum comfort. It also comes in a set of two which is an added advantage to provide great relaxation that is worth your dollar.


  • Versatile use
  • Durable construction
  • Highly portable
  • Convenient twist knobs locking mechanism
  • Includes a padded headrest for extra comfort
  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Easy to set up
  • Strong double reinforcement
  • Non-slip footrest for stability
  • Wide comfortable dilated armrest


  • Tends to rust
  • Not suitable for big people

[product_overview ptitle=”FDW Zero Gravity Chair” purl=”https://amzn.to/2xjNgvp” ppageurl=”fdw-zero-gravity-chair-reviews” pimageurl=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61PjfEyfRHL._SL250_.jpg” brand=”Sunjoy” brandurl=”#Sunjoy” prating=”4.2″ pratingcount=”1135″ pprice=”64.99″ pdes=”This premium zero-gravity patio lounge chair by FDW requires no assembly. It comes fully assembled and once you get the package, you only need to open it, take out the folded chair, unfold and you are ready to go.”]

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