GOLDSUN Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Goldsun company is famous for producing high-quality gardening products and furniture sets. The Goldsun Oversized recliner being one of their products incorporates a classic style and reliable craftsmanship.

Design & Frame

The overall outlook appearance and structure of the Goldsun recliner offers nothing but quality and great aesthetic feel. The chair is timelessly constructed meaning it will weather all ever-changing trends while providing a perfect relaxation spot.

Featuring an upgraded design and construction, the chair involves a strong metallic frame, highly durable fabric seat and double bungee suspension system.

The sturdy frame design incorporates large heavy-duty rectangular steel tubes for additional stability, strength, and durability of the chair.

With such a long back frame and 29.5-inch extra-wide seat size, the chair is ideal for tall people and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Padding & Fabric

Besides the strong steel frame, the seating area is made using premium quality materials for improved strength and weight support. The material used to make the sitting area is pure oxford fabric.

It can withstand regular utility and some of the harsh weather conditions such as tough UV rays. It’s worth noting that when rained on, it holds the water and not ideal for use.

As mentioned above, this chair is made using high-quality oxford fabric material to make it a fully padded seat.

The fabric seat is back suspended and supported with the double bungee suspension system to make it ultra-comfortable. The strong double bungee rope adds to the stability of the chair and is very durable.

Reclining & Locking

The chair features a sophisticated recline mechanism and lock system to allow you to lean back and lock at the most comfortable position.

The innovative lock function is easy to use. The lock involves a two-star clamp normally placed on one side of the chair and close to the adjustable wide armrests. Turn the two-star clamps to tighten so that you lock the recliner in place and loosen to unlock for further adjustments.

Size & Weight

When in a sitting position, the entire unit has a height of 45-inches and occupied a total ground surface area measuring 32-inch by 31.5-inches.

The oversized seat area is 22-inches wide to allow for fat people to use the chair. The footrest is 19.5-inches long and the back frame 31-inches to accommodate tall people without too much hassle.

While adjusting the chair, the footrest elevates to hip level and back frame extend up to 170-degrees apart but not completely flat position. When fully extended the entire unit measures 71.8-inch by 31.5-inch by 31-inch enough to make you will feel relaxed and offer a gravity-free environment experience while reclining back.

At various positions and angles, you will feel altered comfort which aids to minimize pressure and provide extra comfort. You can adjust the height of the back frame from 31-inches to 45-inches.

Using the chair is very easy since it features a lightweight foldable design. The product weighs 21.5 pounds making it easy to transport from one location to the other.

It measures 38.6-inches long by 31.5-inches wide by 6.9-inches high when folded to allow for easy storage. You can always take the chair with you to the beach or hiking.

This zero-gravity chair comes fully assembled and is ready for use. Unlike most traditional folding chairs, this chair will need an easy setup. To set it up, simply pull apart the two sides of the frame to the desired angle then sit back and have an easy rest at your garden, balcony or patio.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

Besides, the chair includes a comfortable design and arrives with a removable pillow wide arms. The detachable pillow can be used for headrest and lumbar support. If you want to relieve back pains, simply slide the pillow downwards to an appropriate position for back support.

Accessory Tray

As you already know, the versatile recliner chair has various uses. It comes with the latest large size ABS side table that allows you to place various small items while having a break.

The side table is highly convenient and suitable for holding food and drinks during leisure. You can also place your book, magazine and things like sunglasses for easy accessibility.

Impressively, the chair comes with a curved ergonomic design that allows you to open it to a normal sitting position or extend it to a suitable resting position.

With such a high-quality product from popular manufacturers in the furniture industry, you are assured of strength and durability.

To sum it all, the Goldsun Oversized zero gravity chair is for any person looking for the most ideal way to get extra comfort while relaxing. The fully padded chair is wide and incorporates a large side table for easy accessibility to your items and added convenience.


  • Oversized and fully padded seat
  • Removable adjustable pillow
  • Large ABS side table
  • No assembly needed
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Foldable highly portable design


  • The frame back and footrest do not open completely to a flat position

Price & Rating

ProductGOLDSUN Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
Rating4.2 out of 5 stars (More than 29 reviews)
Recommended price149.00 USD (Check the latest price at amzn.to)
GOLDSUN Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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