Goplus Zero Gravity Recliner With Canopy Reviews

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The Goplus zero gravity chair is one of the most trusted companies. They are widely known for the highest quality and durable zero gravity chairs in the industry. By offering a great quality this chair is no an exception. It features a canopy perfect for summer lounging experience.

Design & Frame

The overall design and build quality of this chair is one great feature that makes it worthy and stands out. Stylishly made it comes in a variety of different beautiful colours that goes well with any décor. It looks and feels comfortable and sturdy chair to lounge on.

In fact, the tubular frame is made of high-quality steel material that is all-weather resistant and durable. Well, this quality framework is sturdy enough to offer you support all day long. Besides, it is widely used for relaxation, sleeping, entertainment both indoor and outdoor.

Besides being durable, the non-slip footrest ensures that whenever you adjust the legs of the chair it is much quieter and smooth. It also protects your floor surface and chair from being scratched and damaged. Without the non-slip footrest, stability could be a big challenge.

While it can’t handle quite as much weight, the 22mm heavy-duty steel is very strong to offer support and can easily accommodate up to 250lbs without sagging or buckling. All thanks to the quality construction and effective features.

Padding & Fabric

On top of all that, the premium fabric material is designed in such a way the air circulation is efficient, which means as you lay on your back you don’t need to worry about sweatiness.

Also, the breathable fabric is UV and fade resistant making it more durable even after several uses in the sun.

A zero-gravity chair definitely needs to be comfortable. The Goplus lounge chair provides the needed comfort and support using the double bungee system. This mechanism is effective as it allows your body to sink into the fabric so that you enjoy the utmost comfort.

Reclining & Locking

Apart from that, the ergonomic design of this chair is just on another level. The chair features a stable triangle leg support system that ensures it is stable enough to hold you in the desired position without sliding backward.

In order to reduce stress on your back, joints, bones or even muscle tension you need to incline the chair back. It enables to get total comfort, hence boosting your blood circulation and ensures absolute relaxation.

Best of all, you can adjust the reclining angle between 0-170-degrees in order to fit the size of your body. Plus, the locking system allows you to conveniently lock the chair in any position. This lock is designed for use by any age making it more user-friendly.

Size & Weight

Another perk of this Goplus reclining chair is the fact that it is lightweight weighing 18.5lbs. This is heavier than other flimsy local store chairs but not that too heavy to carry. When folded the chair can be easily transported or stored when not in use to save on space.

Besides, this unit is quite large enough and measures 24-inches in seat width. That’s enough size for an average person who needs a comfortable relaxation. It can also accommodate up to 5.9 feet tall person with your feet resting on the bat without any discomfort.

Canopy Sun Shade

Sit back and elevate your feet while enjoying the amazing shade from the adjustable canopy. The canopy is designed in a manner which allows you to either extend over the chair or fold back if you are looking to enjoy the sunshine.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

In addition, with the removable headrest, you can slide it up and down until you get the right position. The headrest is padded so that you can get to enjoy your leisure time with ultimate comfort. You can easily remove it and wiped it down for cleaning in a matter of seconds.

Accessory Tray

The chair is also equipped with a removable cup holder that can either be fixed on the left or right side. It provides sufficient surface to hold your drink, phone or book while enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach or your backyard.

Fully assembled it will not take up your time and energy. Just remove it from the package then easily unfold it and set up ready for relaxation. In fact, The Goplus zero-gravity chair comes with a one-year warranty of guaranteed quality and durability.

With all that said, we can conclude that this chair offers great build quality and sunshade canopy, that can give you a year of service with everyday lounging experience and quality sleep. We would highly recommend.


  • Durable construction
  • Come with a canopy and side tray
  • No assembly
  • Heavy-duty, rust-resistance sturdy frame
  • Convenient locking system in any position
  • Comfortable zero-gravity experience
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stable, quiet non-slip legs
  • Average size
  • High-quality breathable fabric


  • The locking lever might pose some challenges

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