Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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The standout feature of Le Papillon’s zero gravity chair is the removable suede seat cushion.

Unlike many other zero gravity chairs in its class, it comes with extra padding that users love.

Although Le Papillon says the cushion insulates the chair for cool weather use, it’s an item that owners will want to use all year round.

There’s no point in lying on bare Texteline fabric when a plush seat topper is available.

Since the cushion is the main highlight of this recliner, let’s explore it in detail.

First, it’s long enough to fill the length and width of the chair. And the padding makes it almost two inches thick.

Then, it has two surfaces: one is soft suede, and the other has a non-slip texture.

Plus, it has elastic straps to keep it in place on the chair.

Finally, it’s washable. One owner commented that they successfully used an upholstery cleaner on it.

Remove the seat cushion, and you’re left with a typical zero gravity lounge chair.

It has a tubular steel frame that suspends Texteline fabric on a bungee cord system. It’s designed to give way a little to cradle the user’s body.

In case you’re wondering, Texteline is a generic name for this type of plastic fiber cloth. It’s a tightly-woven mesh that’s breathable on a hot day. And it’s resistant to fading in the sunshine.

Typically it’s available in a variety of colors although this particular chair only comes in black.

The Papillon Zero Gravity Chair supports up to 330 pounds of weight. But that doesn’t mean much if the dimensions aren’t suitable.

Let’s look at the measurements and see how they compare to other kinds of chairs.

To illustrate, the seat height is 18.5 inches from the floor. That’s an important number because it determines how easy it is for someone with limited mobility to enjoy the chair. At this height, the Le Papillon Zero Gravity Chair is on average with a typical dining room chair.

That’s good news for folks who have trouble sitting low to the ground.

Without a doubt, the width is also a vital point. The specifications state that it measures 20.5 inches between the armrests. That’s a little wider than an average kitchen table chair, and a full two inches roomier than an airplane seat.

To be sure, the length of the recliner is also essential for comfort. Le Papillon doesn’t specify this detail. Instead, they report that the length of the backrest is 44 inches and that the folded dimensions are 38.6 by 26.4 by 6.3 inches.

This is confusing since at least one of the folded dimensions should then be 44 inches or more because of the length of the backrest.

After all, the chair folds up accordion-style. But if the backrest is as tall as they say, it’s convenient for tall users.

Now there are a few more details about this chair that shoppers need to know.

For example, when the user wants to recline, they turn the tab underneath the armrest. Once they reach the position they desire, they can move the tab again to lock the recliner into place.

Furthermore, the chair comes with a removable pillow on an elastic strap. It serves as a headrest or support for the lower back, and it fits over or underneath the suede cushion. It’s made from the same Texteline material as the body of the chair.

To conclude, we appreciated the fact that there are no-mar plastic feet on the powder-coated frame. The feet are a nice touch if you plan to use the chair indoors on wood floors.


  • Comes with a washable and removable plush suede seat cushion
  • The textiline fabric of the chair is breathable and resistant to fading
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Headrest adjusts to become lumbar support
  • Supports up to 330 pounds
  • 20.5-inch seat width is wider than an average dining chair
  • Seat height is 18.5 inches from the ground
  • Folds up for transport


  • The full length of the chair is not mentioned in the specifications

[product_overview ptitle=”Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair” purl=”https://amzn.to/2stiCNj” ppageurl=”le-papillon-zero-gravity-chair-reviews” pimageurl=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61qXKbPpXmL._SL250_.jpg” brand=”Le Papillon” brandurl=”#Le Papillon” prating=”4.2″ pratingcount=”76″ pprice=”89.99″ pdes=”The standout feature of Le Papillon’s zero gravity chair is the removable suede seat cushion. Unlike many other zero gravity chairs in its class, it comes with extra padding that users love. Although Le Papillon says the cushion insulates the chair for cool weather use, it’s an item that owners will want to use all year round.”]

The Reviews Summary

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Le Papillon Zero Gravity Chair includes a padded cushion with this zero gravity recliner, and it’s a hit.

They say it makes it an all-season chair. And we agree because owners are going to enjoy that padding all year round.

Other than that highlight, Le Papillon is a typical zero gravity chair for its class. It’s a comfortable choice for lounging around the house or sunning by the pool. And it will be the recliner that everyone will want to use at outdoor events, too.


Can I fold the chair with the cushion on it?

Yes, you can fold it easily even with the cushion on it.

What is the material of the armrest? Is it soft or hard?

It is hard plastic, not padded.

I’m 5’7″ tall, is this good for me?

Probably, many customers with 5’5 – 6′ find the recliner works well for them.

Is it an oversized zero gravity chair?

No, it is not. It’s considered as a regular size recliner.

Is the material rust and waterproof?

The manufacturer advertised its material rust and waterproof, but we recommend you keep the recliner away from direct sunlight and rain.

Can I raise the footrest without reclining the back of the chair?

No, the reclining system of this zero gravity chair doesn’t allow you to do that.

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Le Papillon All Seasonal Zero Gravity Chair with Removable Suede Cushion

Le Papillon – Reclining Position

Le Papillon – Upright Position

Le Papillon – From The Back

Le Papillon – Locking System

Le Papillon – Folded

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