Niceway Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Just like its name, the Niceway Oversized zero gravity chair provides heaven-like comfort for all your holiday and vacation relaxing needs. The oversized recliner chair features a unique design and is carefully constructed with all your relaxation needs in the manufacturer’s thoughts.

Design & Frame

First of all, the chair’s simple design involves a tubular metal frame, strong armrest, durable fabric mesh and is available in a nice attractive grey colour.

The overall appearance of the chair has a great aesthetic feel to add glamour to any décor whereas the solid construction allows for both outdoor and indoor utility of the recliner.

You will also like the fact that the sturdy tube frame structure is made of coated high carbon steel material to resist harsh outdoor weather conditions.

The tube frame is 23-millimetres in diameter to ensure the unit has the stability needed to support maximum weight and offer high-class comfort. The tubular steel structure makes the unit highly durable for years of use.

In terms of usability, this unit arrives with a foldable design. The quick folding design is space saving and allows for easy storage of the chair.

The chair is fitted with 1.2-millimetre-thick foot tube for maximum weight support. The foot tube design can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Besides, the foot tube is structured to make the unit firm and stable so that you can experience the gravity-free environment and have a relaxed mind.

Padding & Fabric

In fact, the seating area involves a high-quality 550g Textilene mesh that is strong enough to support the weight of any member in a family. The mesh material is carefully made for outdoor use since it can withstand UV rays from the sun and does not fade or loose quality easily. 

When it comes to convenience of the Niceway Oversized, you will realize that it has been built using the best Textilene fabric material.

In addition to that, the recliner’s design incorporates a detachable padded headrest, cup holder and comes equipped with strong armrests for ultra-comfort.

Reclining & Locking

The unit is designed to offer multiple angles so that you can adjust your body up to the most comfortable and appropriate position.

Using the lock system is easy and anyone can do it. While in sitting position place your feet on the 25.1-inch long footrest and lean backwards to recline to any desired position.

Place your finger in five-star then rotate to lock in the right direction. To unlock, twist the five star towards the loosening direction.

Size & Weight

When opened, the entire unit measures 33-61 inches long by 26-inches wide by 34-44 inches high. Besides, the unit is oversized and measures 21.7-inches wide to accommodate people of various sizes including fat people. 

The armrests are strategically positioned and widely placed to make it hassle-free for anybody to use the chair. The sitting area is 21.7-inch by 21.7-inch to offer a large comfortable sitting allowance.

When folded, the entire unit measures 37.5-inches long by 26-inches wide by 6-inches. This makes it very compact and fits in many storage cabinets.

Also, the unit involves a lightweight design and weighs 18 pounds. The lightweight steel frame combined with its compact size and foldable makes this unit portable and convenient for travel. You can always bring the zero-gravity recliner chair with you on your next trip or holiday vacation.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The padded pillow can be adjusted easily by sliding it up the back-frame for a headrest or down for lumbar support. Measuring a total length of 30.3-inches, the back height is ideal for both short and tall people of about 5.5-inches height since it stretches a long way.

Accessory Tray

Another impressive feature is the easily accessible side, removable cup holder. The utility tray design offers an ideal set up to securely place your cups, books, phones, drinks, magazines, plates and other small appliances wherever you are relaxing by the pool or at the beach.

The PE cup holder is made using durable plastic material and is easy to install since no tools are required.  Aside from the cup holder’s convenience, the recliner outdoor chair features a zero-gravity mechanism and lock function to allow for easy adjustability or usability.

Fully assembled, this chair requires no assembly once purchased. The chair arrives in a folded manner that you will only be needed to unfold and set it up.

Your set up will require you to mount the easy to install a cup holder and the unit is ready to offer you an ultra-comfortable relaxation.

In regards to warranty guarantee, the unit is made using quality and durable materials. It is fitted with a functional lock system and weatherproof coating. The only drawback that comes with this unit is the fact that it does not achieve a completely flat position.

Lastly, the Niceway recliner is highly recommendable to anyone looking for a perfect oversized chair to offer comfortable outdoor relaxation. The recliner is highly versatile and can be used in many areas and occasions.


  • Solid durable construction
  • Oversized large design
  • Easy to mount cup holder
  • Removable headrest
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Foldable, lightweight design for portability


  • Might show minor rusting spots if not properly kept

Price & Rating

ProductNiceway Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews
Rating3.8 out of 5 stars (More than 30 reviews)
Recommended price248.98 USD (Check the latest price at amzn.to)
Niceway Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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