Ezcheer Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Key Features:
  • Total length (reclined): 74.8 inches
  • Seat Width: 31.5 inches
  • Capacity: 420 pounds

It is quite common to find that most of the bigger individuals are also tall. This can make finding the right zero gravity chair pretty difficult.

If you like king-size, that’s exactly what the Ezcheer oversized zero gravity chair is great for.

Based on the user experience, the Ezcheer 2019 upgraded oversized zero gravity recliner features a unique design for optimum comfort. Available in only black colour, it looks and feels just like any standard zero gravity chair; however, this unit is relatively wider and longer.

Design & Frame

It is quite a stable chair and that’s why it easily fits the big men. The high-quality, rustproof, durable cold-rolled steel frame coated with powder adds stability and strength.

You can either use this chair in the office, lawn, home or take it with you to a camping site or any other outdoor adventures.

The huge part is that it is designed to accommodate a capacity of 420 lbs. Being made of the squared heavy-duty frame it is strong, stable and safer for the big people to sit comfortably. Also, the legs are wider with the non-slip function that reduces gravity and increase stability.

Padding & Fabric

Built using the improved technology, the high-quality Teslin breathable mesh fabric is so comfortable and easy on your back.

In this case, the weather-resistant fabric is designed to reduce heat transfer and make you have a cool and more comfortable experience in hot summer days.

Therefore, Ezcheer zero gravity chair is one of the great units that can serve your relaxation needs for a long span of time. The fabric is not only of high-quality but also UV resistant which is a very crucial feature, especially for outdoor use.

Note that, you can never go wrong with the bungee cord suspension that holds you in an elevated position while adjusting to your body size. When in positioned easily lock the chair for security.

Size & Weight

While being on a reclining position a pure relaxation, it can be really uncomfortable when your feet are hanging over the edge.  Wider and longer this newly advanced Ezcheer chair has come up with a more stable and heavy-duty chair to solve this problem. Eat

This chair is suitable for wider body folks measuring 6 inches wider compared to the regular standard chair. With an incredible 31.5 inches wide seat, it has an extra backside depth that makes heavy and tall people sit in and out comfortably.

In terms of length, this chair measures 74.8 inches from the ground which is about 6 inches wider for ultimate user experience and comfort. Other than that, the additional padded pillow can be adjusted up and down to support your neck, head, and lumber.

What is more exciting is that it is portable. You can easily fold and unfold with no tricks required. When completely folded its dimension is about 37.5″ by 31.5″ by 4″, very compact and efficient size for storage.

At 20 pounds, you can carry it with you to the beach, camping site or football tournament with not so much hassle. The unit also features a removable cup holder, that can be easily converted to hold your cell phone, book or magazine while enjoying your view.

Reclining & Locking

With the body positioned in a reclined angle, you can easily adjust the angle from 90-170 degrees until you get the best comfort. Also, the chair elevates your legs which reduces pressure on your back, therefore, it is a great unit for getting rid of back pain.

The good news is that it comes fully assembled straight out of the package and ready for use. Simply set up the chair, sit and adjust to find the best angle then lock. The only set back is that it cannot recline fully flat.

Coupled with 2 years warranty, Ezcheer guarantees you great quality and durability. In case you are not satisfied with the engineering and quality of the chair you can return it for replacement. Plus, contact the manufacturer directly for the replacement of different parts.

Finally, we can conclude that Ezcheer zero gravity oversized chair is a strong heavy-duty folding outdoor chair, specifically designed to help big men finally relax in comfort. Made with great quality this chair can be a great investment worth your coin.


  • Heavy duty and durable construction
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Movable padded headrest.
  • Rust-proof powered coated steel frame
  • Long-lasting Teslin fabric
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • It reclines and adjusts smoothly
  • The new upgraded locking mechanism
  • Wider and longer effective for heavy and tall people


  • The plastic armrest isn’t padded

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Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Key Features:
  • Total length (reclined): 72 inches
  • Seat Width: 21.3 inches
  • Capacity: 330 pounds

Taking the lead in our oversized zero gravity chairs list is none other than the Timber Ridge oversize adjustable recliner that we have an ultimate review on the homepage (Best zero gravity chairs & Recliners – The ultimate guide).

Design & Frame

Timber Ridge is well known for their neat and thoughtful innovation, and we were really impressed by the design, concept and comfort level of this oversized unit they produced. Let’s check it out.

At first glance, you can tell that the chair’s construction is definitely robust. The entire frame is made out of thick, sturdy steel tubes with the base nicely spaced to keep the chair is stable and well balanced.

The steel frame is powder coated to strengthen it further. It’s strong enough to handle up to 350 pounds which means it will comfortably support even those with heavyweights.

The armrests are made of wood which is a slight deviation from the usual plastic ones and a good one for that matter as it’s quite durable provided you don’t let it get rained on too much. Plus it does add a nice aesthetic touch to the overall look of the chair.

Padding & Fabric

The cloth material used for the backrest, seat, and headrest is a heavy-duty polyester fabric which is capable of supporting so much weight without ripping.

It’s weatherproof too making it ideal for outdoor activities. With proper care and protection from the elements, this is a chair that can serve you for a long period of time.

The seat is securely attached to the frame by equally strong yet flexible bungee systems which provide additional support to the chair. It perfectly contours to the shape of the body allowing for more reliable support and relaxing experience.

Now the best part that you will absolutely love about this Timber Ridge unit is that it provides a lot more comfortable than what you would get from a standard zero gravity chair.

Reclining & Locking

Another commendable thing is that you can adjust the backrest to any height. It’s not a ratchet or click system with pre-set positions. It’s totally customizable and glides easily to all positions. You can fully recline it to a makeshift bed.

As for the locking mechanism, it’s one of the easiest you will find on the market. There are two small clamps located on the sides which you just turn to lock the position you want into place.

The locks are very sturdy and can withstand sudden movements without reclining further. Even much better, the locking mechanism is completely adjustable, so you are able to lock the chair at any angle.

Size & Weight

The backrest is 28.9 inches high while the seat measures 21.3 inches wide, so it’s wide and spacious enough for larger folks to fit right in without straining.

The entire length is 72 inches long when fully reclined which is about 6 feet and that’s big enough to fully support the entire body of an average tall person without the legs hanging off the end. If you are much taller than that, then your feet may slightly hang over the chair.

The only possible setback is that it falls a little bit on the heavy side weighing around 24 pounds and it’s also somewhat bulky for packing purposes. However, that’s because of the robust construction which understandable since it’s an oversize unit meant for larger and taller folks.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The entire length of the polyester cover from the seating area to the backrest is fully padded with the headrest featuring a thick layer of padding too.

This is something you don’t see in many similar chairs and it ensures that you feel most comfortable with great support not just on the neck and in the seat alone but also on the back and shoulders. You can remove the headrest if you want to.

Accessory Tray

The unit comes with a large cup holder that you can attach onto the right side which is a bonus too since it’s not equipped with an accessory tray. 

With that said, we can confidently conclude that this Timber Ridge oversize recliner is worth every extra penny. No doubt about that. It’s a large, strong and very functional chair with tons of features. It’s perfect for camping or relaxing on your deck or in your yard.


  • Robust, long-lasting construction
  • Heavy duty and weatherproof polyester fabric
  • Extremely comfortable and convenient
  • Fully adjustable with multiple reclining positions
  • Sturdy and very reliable locking mechanism
  • Weight limit and length are high enough for tall and large users
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


  • A little bit heavy and bulky
  • The polyester material is not that breathable

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Phi Villa Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Key Features:
  • Total length (reclined): 65 inches
  • Seat Width: 29 inches
  • Capacity: 350 pounds

If optimum comfort and cushion are the top priority on your list, then the PHI VILLA recliner might be the perfect option for you.

This is one of the premium-grade oversized units in the market today and it’s packed with some amazing features which make it stand out amongst the rest. 

Here is a closer look at what it got to offer and why it’s our second best pick in this category.

Design & Frame

To start off, the frame of this unit is made up of heavy-duty steel that’s powder-coated. It is super sturdy and durable which is one of its major highlights.

The robust frame is more than capable of supporting a hefty 350 pounds weight making it very suitable for larger adults and heavy people. What’s even more special is that the frame is equipped with non-skid feet to ensure it remains stable when sitting and reclining.

Like the Timber Ridge oversize recliner above, the armrests are wooden. This is not just an artistic touch but it’s a practical design since wood is much cooler compared to plastic which absorbs heat. It a nice feature that will help keep your arms comfortable on a hot sunny day.

Padding & Fabric

The body of the chair is fixed to the frame using a double bungee cord system which allows the seat to conform to the body but still providing firm support and balance.

As we mentioned above, PHI VILLA has really prioritized comfort in the design of this chair and this is another major highlight that puts it ahead of the pack.

While most other zero gravity chairs utilize the more familiar thin polyester mesh which is short on the cushion but big on breathability, this unit makes use of a very robust Oxford fabric.

The back is heavily padded with this fabric as well as the seat and it provides a much softer touch to the body than your regular polyester fabric. The result is optimum comfort and cushioning that makes the chair absolutely restful to sit and recline on.

The only downside of this fabric is that it’s not that breathable as mesh but it’s not likely to retain a lot of heat to the point of making it uncomfortable to sit on. The fact that it’s heavily padded also means that it can soak up water easily, so you can’t leave it outside on a rainy day.

Reclining & Locking

The chair can be reclined to your preferred position and the process is pretty simple.  You just need to flip two levers under the armrest and you get to recline with ease. It surpasses 130°, and the locking mechanism is as well effective.

It utilizes a lock catch instead of twist knobs which is more convenient to operate as you simply need to turn the two levers underneath each armrest back and forth to lock it on place or unlock it.

Size & Weight

With regard to size, the PHI VILLA is very roomy measuring 29 inches across. It will accommodate larger body sizes without any issues. When fully extended, the length is about 65 inches long which translates to 5.5 feet.

That’s a considerable length enough to support most tall people but if you are over 6 feet tall, then your feet are likely to reach past the footrest.

Weighing around 21 pounds, the chair is somewhat heavy and like the Timber Ridge recliner above it’s clearly not the most portable unit but it folds up to a relatively compact size for easier storage.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The headrest utilizes the same Oxford fabric and is equally well padded to give your head and neck ample support. It has an elastic strap that allows you to adjust it easily either as lower back support or as a headrest.

Accessory Tray

Finally, you get a removable tray of considerable size along with the chair. It has an opening for holding a bottle or cup and a flat space where you can place a book or plate. Plus you can mount the tray whichever side you want and it remains level even in the reclined position.

Overall, this is a well-built and fairly large chair that’s strong enough and wide enough to accommodate most tall and plus size uses. Besides, it sports an eye-catching design and comes in various colour combinations.


  • Sturdy, heavy-duty frame and armrest construction
  • Non-skid feet to keep the unit stable
  • Durable and extremely comfortable Oxford fabric
  • Wide oversized seat and back ideal for tall and large people
  • Reclines easily and locks reclined position securely into place
  • Can support heavyweight up to 350 pounds


  • Slightly heavier to carry around
  • Fabric can soak up water if left in the rain

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PORTAL Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Recliner Reviews

Are you in search of a versatile zero gravity chair for your outdoor and indoor relaxation?

Well, the Portal Oversized recliner isn’t just big but comes with other unique features to give you a whole new experience when basking in the sun, reading a book or taking a nap at the backyard.

Design & Frame

In regards to design and construction, this recliner is purposely built with you in thoughts. The chair’s overall construction involves a metallic frame, wooden armrest, skid-proof leg covers, and padded seat as well as a pillow.

Its ergonomic design features a very sturdy construction since the frame is made using a strongly reinforced steel tube. The tubular steel frame makes the recliner solid and firm when sitting or even laying back on it for a break from a tiresome day.

In fact, the recliner combines the strength of the steel frame, durable fabric, and bungee suspension ropes to support a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds. The best thing about this chair is its folding design.

The highly portable recliner can be used in a patio, balcony, by the poolside, at the beach, backyard and you can always take it with you for camping. It features triangular base support to ensure safe load-bearing and anti-slip leg covers to prevent floor damage and wobbling effect.

It’s however not advisable to leave the chair outside in the rain to prevent rust formation or in too much sunlight to avoid discoloration.

Padding & Fabric

Furthermore, its clever design features a thick padded fabric seat for extra comfort whenever you are using the chair. Its back support is made of weave nylon breathable mesh to minimize heat transfer during hot days and ensure you have fun with hours of cooling.

Besides, the fabric and mesh back support is attached to the frame using a well done heavy-duty double bungee suspension design. The bungee rope is strong enough to support the weight of any family member.

Reclining & Locking

Using its locking mechanism, the zero-gravity recliner allows you to lean back to a more comfortable angle between 0 to 170-degrees. Once in a suitable gravity-free position, you reach the c leveller handle found under the armrest to lock tight or loosen the chair.

Size & Weight

Another great feature that adds comfort to this unit is its oversized seat and wide linked armrests. The oversized chair has a seating area measuring 21-inches and armrests have a classic wood handle enhancing the chairs aesthetics and make it a high-taste reclining lounge chair.

With an easy reclining system, setting up the recliner is effortless and quick. When fully extended the unit measures 30-inch by 29-inch by 44-inch whereby the distance from the ground to the seat is 22-inches, back height is 29-inches. The oversized recliner is ideal for big men and tall people of up to 6.2-inches.

When not in use, the recliner can be folded to a more compact size measuring 29-inches by 7.5-inches by 37-inches for easy storage and make it clutter-free. In addition to foldable design, the chair incorporates a lightweight structure weighing 24.25 pounds for easy transportation.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

As seen above, this oversized outdoor chair brings comfort to you with its multifunction design. Apart from the high-quality fabric and mesh back support, the recliner adds more comfort with a built-in adjustable pillow for headrest and lumbar support.

Accessory Tray

For convenience, the chair is fitted with a strategically positioned large side table to place some small items and offer easy accessibility. The side table measures 11.5-inches by 9.5-inches and is easy to attach. It contains a holding capacity of up to two beverages, a book, and a mobile device.

In terms of assembly, the zero-gravity chair needs no assembly since it comes fully assembled. The chair arrives folded and you are simply required to open and set up for a comfy relaxation. The product is from a trusted manufacturer and the build quality is undoubted.

To sum it all, the Portal zero gravity chair is recommendable to anyone looking for a well built and timeless designed recliner for both outdoor and indoor utilization. With its oversized seat and 72-inches length when opened, the recliner is truly meant to aid big and tall people to sweep away their stress.


  • Ideal for big as well as tall people
  • Holding capacity of up to 350 pounds
  • Curved ergonomic reclining design
  • Padded seat and breathable mesh back support
  • Large side table or cup holder
  • Easy folding design for storage and travel


  • Backrest fabric is a bit thin

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KingCamp Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

When on a hunt for a perfect outdoor chair to offer ultimate portable comfort and meet all your relaxation needs, the KingCamp Oversized zero gravity is your best fit.

Design & Frame

Featuring an ergonomic design and strong construction, the oversized recliner chair is carefully made to cater for all your holiday and vacation needs.

First, the overall design of the recliner chair is simple and incorporates unique features to ensure you have a comfortable relaxation after your tiring work commitments.

The simple structure of the chair involves a metallic frame, fabric seat, safety locks, and general attention into details.

Its frame is constructed using steel materials to make the entire unit sturdy and strong. The steel frame goes all the way from the backrest to the footrest and the legs.

This offers an ergonomic curved design to allow for proper posture, bending of the knees and to ensure your chest is in a slightly higher position compared to your hips.

In terms of weight support, this chair features a wide triangular base and is fitted with squared legs to support up to 300 pounds. These legs are covered with a slip-resistant material to increase stability, prevent wearing out of your floors and make the chair have quiet movements.

Padding & Fabric

Tied to the steel frame using heavy-duty double bungee rope design is the highly durable Oxford fabric material. The 600D double clip cotton Oxford fabric is designed to cover the seat and back with a lot of strength to provide the much-required comfort without breaking.

Reclining & Locking

By incorporating a humanized seat that accords with human body engineering, the recliner allows you to lean back to a more suitable position while pushing the pedal. The mechanism aids you to achieve the greatest and most comfortable sleeping posture. 

When in the correct posture, your knees will wind and shin a little under your hip level whereas your head will be a bit higher to aid in boosting the circulation of blood and ensure smooth breathing.  

This recliner is fitted with an easy to use lock system. The adjustable lock mechanism is useful when you reach your desired reclined position and want to remain there. The safe lock function improves the stability of the chair by ensuring the frame is stable when the chair is opened.

Size & Weight

While being in a reclined position offers ultra-comfort and pure relaxation, it can be very uncomfortable when your hip and back are well supported but the feet are hanging over the edges. This unit is wider and longer measuring 65-inch by 27.5-inch by 44-inch for stability.

With the back frame measuring 30.5-inches long and footrest measuring 20.07-inches long, the recliner chair is suitable for tall people since their head and legs will be within the frame.

In addition, the oversized seat measures 19.29-inches by 22.44-inches and the armrests have a wide link separation to accommodate large-sized people.

Another great feature is its folding design. With an easy to open design, the unit can be folded in seconds. When folded, it becomes compact measuring 37.5-inch by 6-inch by 28.5-inch and weighs 22.5 pounds only. The folded size is ideal for travel and safe storage.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The chair stimulates zero-gravity relaxation when in a reclined position and brings design and comfort up to their tasks. Once in a reclined angle, you can use the removable pillow to provide a comfortable headrest or lumbar support to relieve backpressure.

The detachable pillow is made of soft materials and is easy to wash after prolonged use.

There is no much to talk about the assembly for this unit since it comes fully assembled and ready to set up and use. Its quality is undoubted even though there is no much information provided with regards to the warranty.

The recliner chair is a product by KingCamp, one of the companies with a good reputation in making high-quality chairs.

In conclusion, the KingCamp Oversized is recommendable to anyone in search of quality made an outdoor chair that effortlessly accommodates tall and fat people. The oversized chair is made with strong durable materials to offer maximum weight support.


  • Ergonomic curved design
  • Adjustable lock system
  • Supports up to 300 pounds weight
  • Oversized frame for tall and large people
  • Folding design for easy storage and portability


  • Does not include an easy to access side tray

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Ever Advanced Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Although there are zero gravity chairs out there that offers maximum support and comfort, not all of them are capable of holding big, tall and heavy people.

With Ever Advanced oversized recliner you can get one of a kind comfort.

Design & Frame

As the name suggests, it is a newly upgraded chair design and constructed to effectively meet the customer’s needs. The chair is designed with a combination of three beautiful colours including grey, green and black. It’s a very stylish unit perfect for those that love chairs matching their aesthetic tastes.

Amazing as it looks, this chair has great practical features that will definitely attract your attention right after your first time sitting. In fact, the frames of the chair are made of durable reinforced-tube steel coated with powder to withstand the destructive elements.

Whoever designed this great-quality chair was really serious about it. It features a skidproof material on the legs of the chair.  Yet it’s not only great for extra stability but also a strong support system that is safe to your floor.

Despite the frail appearance of its frame, it is quite heavy duty and strong and can hold up to 350 lbs worth of weight. Additionally, it can withstand heavy daily use and a lot of force directed to it.

Padding & Fabric

More than this, the seating is fully padded with durable polyester fabric that allows you to relax and enjoy a bottle of beer while fully immersed. The padded seat offers plenty of comfort and support which is more of a bed-like experience.

Built with great craftsmanship, the material is both waterproof and mildew resistant. However, in order to maintain its quality state, you are advised to avoid prolonged sun exposure and ensure to keep it away from rain or water when not in use.

Without a doubt, this is among the most comfortable zero-gravity chair to sit on. Built with strong double rope this chair has an idle support system that allows you to relax your back comfortably. Best used for lounging in the poolside, around the backyard or an open area.

Reclining & Locking

One of the main reasons to buy a zero-gravity chair is because it can be reclined to give you optimum gravity-free relaxation. With this chair, you can sit upright or lie in a half by adjusting the angle between 0- 170-degrees.

The feet can be raised up once in a reclined position. As a result, your blood circulation increases at the same time you get to enjoy pain-free back and leg. Also, the triangle leg structure increases stability which ensures you get safe load-bearing.

When it comes to gravity chair, the convenience of the locking system is key. You don’t need to hassle in order to lock this chair, the minute you are reclined to the desired position, simply pull the clip back to smoothly lock the chair in place.

Size & Weight

While its overall oversized dimension being 29.5 x 32 x 45 inches, the height off the ground to the seat is 22-inches. Even better, the general length of this chair is specifically designed to serve everyone including tall or fat people.

Well, the ergonomic design of this chair when fully reclined measures 72-inches. This is an incredible length large enough for big and tall folks. If you are 6’’2’’ worry no more, it is not only large enough but also wide with a seat width of 21-inches.

In regards to portability, the Ever Advance oversized zero-gravity chair is easily foldable and only weighs 19.8lbs quite a lightweight piece to carry. When folded it measures 31″ L x 7″ W x 38.5 ” H which is a compact size that creates more space and making storage easier.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

Like many similar zero-gravity chairs, it also comes with a detachable cushioned head pillow that provides additional comfort. It can be adjusted to provide either your neck, head or waist support. The fact that it is removable and washable making it even more exciting.

Accessory Tray

Another great thing is how amazing the armrest is. It’s extra-large for additional comfort and support on your arms. You can sit back and relax while enjoying an iced cold tea conveniently placed on the side cup holder. Plus, the cup holder is removable for easy transportation.

There is no assembly required, however, there are instructions included in the package on how to set up this chair. It is important to note that once the chair is open, you must unlock it before you get to sit on it for the zero-gravity experience.

Ever Advanced manufactures guarantee you with excellent internal quality, great manufacturing methods, and strict management. This ensures you always get a high-quality chair that can stand the test of time.

This newly upgraded zero-gravity reclining chair is a great unit for those who need a high-quality chair that is also oversized. It is quite attractive and extremely comfortable a great recommendation if you want to have a Cadillac experience.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty framework
  • Comfortable fully padded seat
  • Convenient locking mechanism
  • Oversized ideal for heavy and tall people
  • Easy fold
  • Portable
  • Attractive design
  • Quality construction


  • It doesn’t recline fully

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GOLDSUN Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Goldsun company is famous for producing high-quality gardening products and furniture sets. The Goldsun Oversized recliner being one of their products incorporates a classic style and reliable craftsmanship.

Design & Frame

The overall outlook appearance and structure of the Goldsun recliner offers nothing but quality and great aesthetic feel. The chair is timelessly constructed meaning it will weather all ever-changing trends while providing a perfect relaxation spot.

Featuring an upgraded design and construction, the chair involves a strong metallic frame, highly durable fabric seat and double bungee suspension system.

The sturdy frame design incorporates large heavy-duty rectangular steel tubes for additional stability, strength, and durability of the chair.

With such a long back frame and 29.5-inch extra-wide seat size, the chair is ideal for tall people and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

Padding & Fabric

Besides the strong steel frame, the seating area is made using premium quality materials for improved strength and weight support. The material used to make the sitting area is pure oxford fabric.

It can withstand regular utility and some of the harsh weather conditions such as tough UV rays. It’s worth noting that when rained on, it holds the water and not ideal for use.

As mentioned above, this chair is made using high-quality oxford fabric material to make it a fully padded seat.

The fabric seat is back suspended and supported with the double bungee suspension system to make it ultra-comfortable. The strong double bungee rope adds to the stability of the chair and is very durable.

Reclining & Locking

The chair features a sophisticated recline mechanism and lock system to allow you to lean back and lock at the most comfortable position.

The innovative lock function is easy to use. The lock involves a two-star clamp normally placed on one side of the chair and close to the adjustable wide armrests. Turn the two-star clamps to tighten so that you lock the recliner in place and loosen to unlock for further adjustments.

Size & Weight

When in a sitting position, the entire unit has a height of 45-inches and occupied a total ground surface area measuring 32-inch by 31.5-inches.

The oversized seat area is 22-inches wide to allow for fat people to use the chair. The footrest is 19.5-inches long and the back frame 31-inches to accommodate tall people without too much hassle.

While adjusting the chair, the footrest elevates to hip level and back frame extend up to 170-degrees apart but not completely flat position. When fully extended the entire unit measures 71.8-inch by 31.5-inch by 31-inch enough to make you will feel relaxed and offer a gravity-free environment experience while reclining back.

At various positions and angles, you will feel altered comfort which aids to minimize pressure and provide extra comfort. You can adjust the height of the back frame from 31-inches to 45-inches.

Using the chair is very easy since it features a lightweight foldable design. The product weighs 21.5 pounds making it easy to transport from one location to the other.

It measures 38.6-inches long by 31.5-inches wide by 6.9-inches high when folded to allow for easy storage. You can always take the chair with you to the beach or hiking.

This zero-gravity chair comes fully assembled and is ready for use. Unlike most traditional folding chairs, this chair will need an easy setup. To set it up, simply pull apart the two sides of the frame to the desired angle then sit back and have an easy rest at your garden, balcony or patio.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

Besides, the chair includes a comfortable design and arrives with a removable pillow wide arms. The detachable pillow can be used for headrest and lumbar support. If you want to relieve back pains, simply slide the pillow downwards to an appropriate position for back support.

Accessory Tray

As you already know, the versatile recliner chair has various uses. It comes with the latest large size ABS side table that allows you to place various small items while having a break.

The side table is highly convenient and suitable for holding food and drinks during leisure. You can also place your book, magazine and things like sunglasses for easy accessibility.

Impressively, the chair comes with a curved ergonomic design that allows you to open it to a normal sitting position or extend it to a suitable resting position.

With such a high-quality product from popular manufacturers in the furniture industry, you are assured of strength and durability.

To sum it all, the Goldsun Oversized zero gravity chair is for any person looking for the most ideal way to get extra comfort while relaxing. The fully padded chair is wide and incorporates a large side table for easy accessibility to your items and added convenience.


  • Oversized and fully padded seat
  • Removable adjustable pillow
  • Large ABS side table
  • No assembly needed
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Foldable highly portable design


  • The frame back and footrest do not open completely to a flat position

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Niceway Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Just like its name, the Niceway Oversized zero gravity chair provides heaven-like comfort for all your holiday and vacation relaxing needs. The oversized recliner chair features a unique design and is carefully constructed with all your relaxation needs in the manufacturer’s thoughts.

Design & Frame

First of all, the chair’s simple design involves a tubular metal frame, strong armrest, durable fabric mesh and is available in a nice attractive grey colour.

The overall appearance of the chair has a great aesthetic feel to add glamour to any décor whereas the solid construction allows for both outdoor and indoor utility of the recliner.

You will also like the fact that the sturdy tube frame structure is made of coated high carbon steel material to resist harsh outdoor weather conditions.

The tube frame is 23-millimetres in diameter to ensure the unit has the stability needed to support maximum weight and offer high-class comfort. The tubular steel structure makes the unit highly durable for years of use.

In terms of usability, this unit arrives with a foldable design. The quick folding design is space saving and allows for easy storage of the chair.

The chair is fitted with 1.2-millimetre-thick foot tube for maximum weight support. The foot tube design can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Besides, the foot tube is structured to make the unit firm and stable so that you can experience the gravity-free environment and have a relaxed mind.

Padding & Fabric

In fact, the seating area involves a high-quality 550g Textilene mesh that is strong enough to support the weight of any member in a family. The mesh material is carefully made for outdoor use since it can withstand UV rays from the sun and does not fade or loose quality easily. 

When it comes to convenience of the Niceway Oversized, you will realize that it has been built using the best Textilene fabric material.

In addition to that, the recliner’s design incorporates a detachable padded headrest, cup holder and comes equipped with strong armrests for ultra-comfort.

Reclining & Locking

The unit is designed to offer multiple angles so that you can adjust your body up to the most comfortable and appropriate position.

Using the lock system is easy and anyone can do it. While in sitting position place your feet on the 25.1-inch long footrest and lean backwards to recline to any desired position.

Place your finger in five-star then rotate to lock in the right direction. To unlock, twist the five star towards the loosening direction.

Size & Weight

When opened, the entire unit measures 33-61 inches long by 26-inches wide by 34-44 inches high. Besides, the unit is oversized and measures 21.7-inches wide to accommodate people of various sizes including fat people. 

The armrests are strategically positioned and widely placed to make it hassle-free for anybody to use the chair. The sitting area is 21.7-inch by 21.7-inch to offer a large comfortable sitting allowance.

When folded, the entire unit measures 37.5-inches long by 26-inches wide by 6-inches. This makes it very compact and fits in many storage cabinets.

Also, the unit involves a lightweight design and weighs 18 pounds. The lightweight steel frame combined with its compact size and foldable makes this unit portable and convenient for travel. You can always bring the zero-gravity recliner chair with you on your next trip or holiday vacation.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The padded pillow can be adjusted easily by sliding it up the back-frame for a headrest or down for lumbar support. Measuring a total length of 30.3-inches, the back height is ideal for both short and tall people of about 5.5-inches height since it stretches a long way.

Accessory Tray

Another impressive feature is the easily accessible side, removable cup holder. The utility tray design offers an ideal set up to securely place your cups, books, phones, drinks, magazines, plates and other small appliances wherever you are relaxing by the pool or at the beach.

The PE cup holder is made using durable plastic material and is easy to install since no tools are required.  Aside from the cup holder’s convenience, the recliner outdoor chair features a zero-gravity mechanism and lock function to allow for easy adjustability or usability.

Fully assembled, this chair requires no assembly once purchased. The chair arrives in a folded manner that you will only be needed to unfold and set it up.

Your set up will require you to mount the easy to install a cup holder and the unit is ready to offer you an ultra-comfortable relaxation.

In regards to warranty guarantee, the unit is made using quality and durable materials. It is fitted with a functional lock system and weatherproof coating. The only drawback that comes with this unit is the fact that it does not achieve a completely flat position.

Lastly, the Niceway recliner is highly recommendable to anyone looking for a perfect oversized chair to offer comfortable outdoor relaxation. The recliner is highly versatile and can be used in many areas and occasions.


  • Solid durable construction
  • Oversized large design
  • Easy to mount cup holder
  • Removable headrest
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Foldable, lightweight design for portability


  • Might show minor rusting spots if not properly kept

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Belleze Extra Large Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

This is another great quality of oversized zero gravity chair that is very lightweight and durable. Despite its simple appearance, its large, ergonomic and comfortably made to handle heavy and tall people.

Design & Frame

Like many similar recliner chairs, the first thing to note is its attractive design that makes the chair look elegant and great. Being beige in colour it definitely speaks elegance which makes it idle for patio lounging and any other related uses.

Perfect for sporting events, beach and backyard, the powder-coated steel frame construction is built to withstand all weathering and resist rust. The strong metallic frame is quality constructed to stand the test of time.

In addition to comfort, the curved armrest also provides the extra needed comfort and support in case you need to sit for a long period of time.

Consequently, it is mostly used by psychotherapist, reflexologists, and hypnotherapist that makes their patients comfortable and relaxed. 

The heavy-duty legs are designed in a manner that they can be widely open to increase base surface area which then maximizes the stability of the chair. With this strong framework, the chair can accommodate up to 300 lbs of daily heavy use for a long time without damage.

Padding & Fabric

Besides the metallic framework, the 600D mesh fabric is highly breathable which is excellent for minimizing hot pressure thereby creating a cooling effect during hot summer seasons. Additionally, the fabric is both UV resistant and durable, with no more cases of colour fading.

In order to evenly distribute your weight for perfect balance, the fabric is being held up securely through a double bungee system. The heavy-duty elastic cords allow the material to fit into your body size for ultimate comfort and support.

Reclining & Locking

With the smooth reclining function, you can elevate your legs and stay in any position or angle. Then flip your hand on the dual fingertip locking mechanism to easily lock and secure your position.

Size & Weight

Oversized Belleze zero gravity chair is 5 inches wider than the regular model. It has an overall dimension of 51″ length by 371/2″ width and 37″ height.

With that size, even a 6 feet tall person would sit comfortably. Plus, the seat is 19 inches deep with plenty of legroom left a very idle feature for tall people.

It measures 24-inches between the armrests a quite enough space to fit someone wider for comfortable relaxation. Also, for extra comfort, it features removable padded headrest that can be adjusted to support your neck head or use as lumbar support.

Another benefit that comes with this chair is the smooth recline and upgraded locking system. It can easily glide from the upright position and fully recline up to 62.5 inches for maximum zero-gravity relaxation. The recline position improves blood circulation and removes backpressure.

Last but not least is the portability state of the chair. It is a very lightweight chair which can be folded to a compact position and occupy 31″ x 37″ x 5-1/4″ of the available space. Since it is highly foldable, storing and carrying it around with you is not a big deal.

Accessory Tray

Before I forget to mention, the chair comes with a detachable cup holder for keeping your drinks in place, it can also act as a side table for placing small stuff such as phone.

In regards to assembly, this zero-gravity and recliner chair comes fully assembled. The package includes the overall chair, removable cup holder and the detachable headrest.

For a comfortable relaxation set it upright while spreading the legs wide apart then adjust to the right angle.

However, there is no warranty mentioned by the manufactures. Despite that, we can surely agree with the fact that it is one of the best qualities and a durable constructed oversized chair. The only problem is that it doesn’t allow total flat recline.

Overall, Belleze extra-large zero gravity chair is another simply designed chair on the list to consider. It is constructed to make relaxing in the sun a very fun experience. Designed with you in mind, this is an idle unit for someone with big and tall body stature.


  • Multiple recline positions
  • Durable strong steel frame
  • It comes with a removable cup holder
  • Long enough for tall people
  • Headrest for extra comfort
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • No assembly
  • Ergonomically curved armrests
  • Durable Teslin fabric


  • Steel frame not coated to prevent rusting

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LUCKYBERRY Oversize XL Recliner Reviews

The Luckyberry padded zero gravity chair is innovatively designed and constructed to offer maximum comfort for all your outdoor and indoor relaxation requirements.

Designed for single person use, this style of a recliner chair is simply for anyone with a little bigger body and that feels the standard size is not enough to fit them comfortably. It is even wide enough to fit two slimmer users at the same time.

Design & Frame

It is mostly available in only two-colors grey and blue. You can use this chair both indoors and outdoors including garden, pool, camping site or any other sporting event.

Functional and strong the heavy-duty steel tube frame is of very high-quality material making it a very sturdy option. Also, instead of plastic or bare metal, the armrest is covered with a wooden pattern finish which allows the chair to remain cooler while you enjoy reclining

In order to ensure the chair is in full accord with human body engineering code, Luckyberry features a solid triangular frame design that further increases its stability. Also, the chair features a cup holder made of hard plastic to ensure durability.

Actually, the ultra-wide size provides for a super-strong load-carrying capacity. The seat is designed to support up to a maximum weight of 350 pounds and its oversized design can fit up to two slim people. You can always use the strong seat at your backyard, pool, and patio.

In order for the chair to acquire maximum support for such heavyweights, the stable triangular support works together with the sturdy tubular foot. The foot legs are fitted with a non-slip mat to improve stability and make the unit firm even while on unstable grounds.

Padding & Fabric

What makes this unit stand out compared to other oversized models, is the fully padded seat. The padded chair is made of oxford polyester fabric that makes it extra comfortable and easy to clean. The polyester material is responsible for the long life span of the chair.

Since the chair involves a quality solid construction, the polyester fabric is 1.2-inch thick padded to allow breathing of the fabric and make the chair ultra-comfortable.

The padded polyester material seat is joined to the steel frame using a double bungee suspension rope design to make it comfy and reduces heat transfer during hot summer days for a cooler relaxed rest in the sun.

Besides having a double bungee suspension rope system, the unit comes with a detachable padded pillow head for extra comfort.

Reclining & Locking

When it comes to usability, the unit features hold the card buckle lock function that is strategically placed for easy access whenever you are reclining your chair. The chair can be adjusted from 90 to 170-degrees as per your comfort needs.

Size & Weight

Once opened and fully reclined, the unit measures 29.14-inches by 35.43-inches by 44.88-inches. Besides, the height of the chair can be adjusted from 32.48-inches to 44.09-inches to accommodate tall people.

The size is enough for people of up to 6-inches tall to fit comfortably with their feet completely resting on the footrest.

Cleverly designed to completely accord with human body engineering principle, the oversized chair can be adjusted to make your body more comfortable while aiding in relieving backpressure and head pain. The chair’s sitting area is 23.9 inches wide and even people with fat bodies can comfortably use it.

The chair is made using a lightweight steel frame and involves a foldable design. When folded, the entire unit measures 36-inches by 30-inches by 5.91-inches thus making a compact size that is perfect for storage. T

he foldable lightweight design weighs 21 pounds thus ideal for travel since you can always carry it with you anywhere.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

The soft removable pillow can effortlessly slide up and down the back frame to offer headrest and lumbar support. The headrest pillow can be used to support the neck and help in relieving back pains.

Accessory Tray

Accessory Tray

For convenience, the unit features a removable cup holder and ultra-wide armrest. The armrest is 29.9-inches apart to offer the convenience of use for people with various sizes.

The cup holder is durable and cleverly constructed to securely clamp at the side of one armrest while offering easy accessibility to your items such as drinks, books, and food.

Since it comes pretty much assembled, you just slide the cup holder on the chosen side when the chair is fully open and you are ready to go. However, the unfolding process is not that obvious, but it is easy once you get the trick.

With such great concentration on the build quality, you are assured this Belleze zero gravity chair to cater for your relaxation needs for a long period of time. With no mention of any warranty whatsoever, it seems very sturdy. Plus, there is no shipping or package problem.

Extra-large zero gravity Belleze chair is a comfortable choice for all body types. Even more, the advanced padded seat, wooden armrest and strongly built framework is a perfect recliner chair to stretch your body whenever you need it.


  • High holding capacity
  • Steel solid frame construction
  • Thick padding for comfort
  • Comes with a side cup holder
  • Extra-large wooden armrest provides extra comfort
  • Non-slip mat holds the chair firmly on the surface
  • Stable triangular legs design
  • Portable and easily foldable
  • Extra-large for tall and big people


  • Not waterproof
  • The screws bolt might detach

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Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

As we perused reviews for the Akari oversized zero gravity chair, we noticed that there was some confusion over the description.

It’s listed as having three pieces, leading people to believe this is a three-chair set. But it’s not, it’s a deluxe set with three components for maximum comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at this all-in-one kit for outdoor lounging.

Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair itself is similar to other lounges in its class.

It has a best-selling design that includes rugged Texteline fabric suspended by a dual bungee cord system on a tubular steel frame. There are several reasons why this material and style is popular right now.

To explain Texteline’s popularity, we’ll look at its benefits.

For one, this plastic fiber is durable, breathable, and resistant to fading under UV light.

Then, it’s not machine-washable, but it’s easy to wipe clean. Combined with the bungee cord suspension system, the fabric gives just enough to comfortably cradle the user’s body as they sit or lie down in the chair.

Next, Texteline is available in a variety of colors to match almost any outdoor decor.

Akari Decor currently offers this chair in black, brown, and blue. But other manufacturers that use the same material sell chairs in brighter shades.

Furthermore, the tubular steel frame is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds. But it folds up small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

It’s also powder-coated to resist scratching and moisture.

When it comes to a zero gravity chair, customers are interested in how far the chair reclines, and how easy it is to lock into position.

We are happy to report that the Akari lounge reaches the full zero gravity position. And it’s straightforward to lock in place with the lever underneath the armrest.

There are several other reclining positions to choose from, and all of them lock solid so that the chair doesn’t lean backward unexpectedly.

And no matter the position, the detachable accessory tray stays level. But we’ll focus more on that in a moment.

Let’s move on to the size of the chair.

It’s described as “oversized.” But what does that really mean?

The specifications state that the folded chair measures 45 inches tall by 36 inches long by 30 inches wide. Akari also reports that the width of the fabric is 21 inches across.

And a customer measured the length of the chair to be 69.5 inches when fully extended. We can take all this information and extrapolate a conclusion.

The average lawn chair has a seat width of fewer than 19 inches. So does the average airplane seat in economy class.

Meanwhile, the Akari lounge seat is more than 21 inches across between the armrests. We say that qualifies as oversized.

Next, customers who self-report as being over 6 feet tall find that their lower legs are unsupported unless they place their feet on the footrest. This is logical since the fully extended chair measures less than 6 feet in length.

But this fact doesn’t seem to stop buyers because they comment that the recliner is very comfortable all the same.

Now let’s discuss the accessories that come with the chair.

First, there is an adjustable sunshade canopy. It’s mounted to the frame, but it comes off if the screws are removed.

It moves up and down to accommodate the height of the user and the angle of the sun. And the two layers of fabric provide cool shade on a sunny day.

In addition, there is a detachable drink tray. It eliminates the need for a nearby table.

In the tray, there are round openings for two cups, or a water bottle and a mug. Plus, there’s a small slot for a remote control or cell phone, and a larger slot for a tablet or a book.

And the tray remains level no matter how far back the user reclines.

Finally, the chair comes with a detachable pillow.

It’s covered in the same UV-resistant material as the body of the chair. It’s possible to relocate it to serve as a headrest or lumbar support according to need. In summary, the Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair with 3-piece set has everything a person needs for a restful afternoon on the patio or the beach.

The Akari Decor Zero Gravity Chair is significantly roomier than the average lawn chair.

And it stands out from the competition because it comes in a three-piece set. The set includes a sunshade canopy and a drink tray. And these accessories are adjustable and detachable.

Shoppers who plan to use their zero gravity recliner outdoors find that this is one of the better options. That’s because no extra furniture is needed to relax in the backyard, by the pool, or on a camping trip.


  • At over 21 inches, the seat is wider than the average lawn chair
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Textilene fabric resists fading and is breathable
  • Rust-resistant powder-coated tubular steel frame
  • Reclines to full zero-gravity point
  • Easy-to-use lever to lock position
  • Comes with detachable drink tray and sunshade canopy
  • Folds for transport


  • The length is not as oversized as the width
  • Currently available in only three colors

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Best Choice Products 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

The only thing that might be more fun than having your own zero gravity chair is sharing one with someone special.

This double-wide recliner from Best Choice Products is 50 inches across, and it supports up to 450 pounds.

In it, one person can spread out, or two can nestle.

Besides the impressive width, you’ll also get two accessory trays, one for each side. Each tray has a cup holder, a slot for a phone or remote control, and room for snacks.

Other highlights

Even though this chair is significantly wider than standard versions, it folds down to only 8 inches thick. Of course, it weighs a little more at 32 pounds.

And its length when fully reclined is only average.

There’s also an adjustable headrest that’s made of the same UV-resistant mesh fabric that forms the body of the chair. This material is breathable and can be wiped clean. Moreover, it’s suspended on a double bungee system for comfort.

In conclusion, the recliner has twin levers that lock the chair into position. Plus, it has a powder-coated steel frame and non-skid feet.


  • Extra roomy for one or comfy for two due to the 50-inch width
  • Supports up to 450 pounds
  • Breathable fabric resists fading
  • Detachable accessory trays with cup holders
  • Lever-locking system
  • Adjustable pillow/lumbar support
  • Non-skid feet and powder-coated steel frame
  • Folds for transport and storage


  • Although it’s double-wide, it’s no longer than the standard model

Best Choice Products Oversized Version

[product_show purl=”https://amzn.to/2zE2Ndo” ptitle=”Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Chair With Cup Holder” prating=”4.0″ pimgurl=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91i-h3X6HeL._SL250_.jpg” pdes=””]

The Best Choice Products oversized lounge isn’t as long as some of the others in our reviews, but it is quite wide.

It comes with a convenient accessory tray. Instead of arranging your chair by a table, you can store necessities nearby.

This removable tray has space for a coffee mug plus another drink, a phone, and a tablet or book.

As for the recliner’s specifications, it supports up to 250 pounds and measures 62.25 inches when fully reclined. That makes it about a foot shorter than the Timber Ridge model above.

But there’s another fact to consider.

The highlight of this recliner is that its width is an astonishing 32 inches. So while it may not be the best zero gravity chair for very tall users, it’s certainly roomy.

It’s more than 6 inches wider than the typical cinema seat.

Additional benefits

Like many of the zero gravity chairs in our reviews, this one is made of breathable, UV-resistant fabric supported by a double bungee cord system.

The chair fabric is available in several colors. And it includes a matching adjustable pillow that serves as a headrest or support for your lower back.

Next, the ergonomically-shaped armrests sport finger-sized rings underneath. These rings allow you to lock the recliner into any position you desire.

As a final point, the Best Choice Products chair weighs only 19 pounds. That makes it one of the lightest choices in our reviews.


  • The oversized chair is 32 inches wide
  • Powder-coated steel frame supports up to 250 pounds
  • UV-resistant fabric available in several colors
  • Adjustable headrest doubles as a lumbar support
  • Includes a cup holder accessory tray
  • Weighs only 19 pounds
  • Folds up for transport and storage
  • Dual fingertip locking system keeps the chair and position


  • Although the width is oversize, the length is a little shorter than standard models

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Yoler Sturdy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Reviews

If you’ve been clicking the link after link in search of a longer and stronger zero gravity lounge chair, pause for a moment and consider this one.

Yoler reports that their recliner can hold up to 600 pounds. And when it’s fully open, it measures 66 inches, or 5.5 feet long.

How does that compare to other zero gravity chairs on the market?

The Yoler Sturdy Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs can support almost twice as much weight as some, and it’s about 2 inches longer than the average lounge.

Its strength comes from its steel frame and reinforced brackets.

It also has non-slip feet that keep it firmly in place. Many reviewers comment on how they love its stability.

But there is another question to answer, and that’s the width.

The Yoler lounge is 21 inches wide. That’s bigger than the average Adirondack chair, and quite a bit larger than a metal folding chair or an airplane seat in economy class. It’s much roomier than those seats are.

Of course, it’s important to know the size because this recliner has armrests.

Speaking of armrests, they adapt to different heights. And since they are padded with fabric, they don’t burn skin in the hot sun. They are pleasantly comfortable if a little narrow.

Plus, other features make the Yoler Sturdy Zero Gravity Lounge Chair recliner very comfy for lounging.

Instead of plastic or synthetic fibers, the body of the chair is covered with 1200 denier double Oxford cloth. This material is cool and breathable so that if you perspire, you won’t stick to the chair.

It’s also resistant to abrasion, a benefit that enhances the longevity of the lounge.

Next, the lounger comes with a padded headrest. The headrest is adjustable to different positions, including lower down on the backrest for lumbar support.

And it’s covered in the same breathable oxford cloth as the body of the recliner and the armrests.

Furthermore, the Yoler Sturdy Zero Gravity Lounge chairs to four different positions. These positions range from allowing the user to sit up straight down to a nearly horizontal position.

When lying down, the front part of the chair is flat so that user’s legs are extended. And that brings us to the one downside of this recliner.

A true zero gravity chair removes pressure from the body by allowing the back to recline to about 130°. But it should also allow the knees to remain bent at about the same angle. The Yoler lounge does not, although it’s quite comfortable all the same.

Then, once the owner is done lounging, the chair folds up accordion-style for storage or transport. And it comes with a carrying bag.

Although it weighs close to 26 pounds, that doesn’t seem to bother many customers. In exchange for a little more weight, they have a sturdy lounger.

Shoppers on the hunt for a sturdy lounge chair will be pleased with the Yoler recliner.

It’s roomy and supports more weight than the average chair in its class.

The long-wearing material that makes up the body, the headrest, and covers the armrests is breathable and more comfortable than typical plastic construction.

Although it might not be considered a true zero gravity chair, it reclines to four positions for maximum relaxation.

And its headrest and armrests are all adjustable for comfort.

Among its many benefits, the Yoler Sturdy Zero Gravity Lounge chair is easy to fold, and it comes with a carrying bag for transport. And should there be a problem, the manufacturer offers a 180-day warranty.


  • Supports up to 600 pounds
  • Sturdy and stable steel frame with non-slip feet
  • Roomy 21-inch wide seat and 66-inch length
  • 1200D Oxford cloth is breathable and abrasion-resistant
  • Padded armrests and adjustable headrest
  • Four positions for reclining
  • Folds for transport and storage
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Covered by a 180-day warranty


  • Not a true zero gravity chair, but does recline almost completely flat

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