Phi Villa Oversized XL Zero Gravity Chair Reviews Summary

This is a summary of 153 reviews from real customers for the PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair that I’ve learned.

I read every single comment and feedback (both positive & negative) about the PHI VILLA recliner from the verified purchase customers to have this reviews summary.

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Brand/Seller:PHI VILLA
Open dimension:W29.14″ x D35.43″ x H44.88″
Folded dimension:W35.4″ x D5.9″ x H29.9″
Seat Width:21.3″
Seat Deep:35.4″
Seat height (from the floor):12″ – 14″
Back height:N/A
Total length (reclined):65″
Capacity:350 Lbs
Item weight: 24.6 lbs
Frame: Heavy-duty Steel
Fabric: Oxford Fabric Padded
Arm Rest: Wooden pattern
Colors:Aqua | Blue | Camouflage | Grey | Red

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Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary


  • Easy to open and fold up
  • Locking mechanisms are easy to use
  • Reclining works smoothly
  • Padding fabric is very comfortable
  • Strong & sturdy frame
  • The wider seat is roomy and comfortable
  • The wooden armrests are nice
  • Nice & well-made
  • The drink tray is nice
  • The chair worth the money!



  • The chairs were quite heavy for someone to move around
  • The drink tray is made of cheap plastic flexes way too much to use
  • People under 6′ found it works, those who have longer legs might find it not perfect
  • The lock is plastic, there is a potential of no long last, someone found it didn’t work properly
  • There are bars that are situated right under the lower thigh, near the back of the knee make someone uncomfortable, even it’s padded.
  • People with about 5′ tall and below may have some difficulty getting in and out of the chair
  • Tall people (let’ say over 6’2″) may find it’s too short and unhappy with the name “oversized’
  • Someone received chairs with some of the screws came overtightened and stripped or loose
  • Some received chairs missing the cup holders or dirt marks
  • Someone find it’s hard to open, recline, and lock at first
  • Too many plastic parts, they should be metal for long last
  • No replacement parts (screws, locking nut) available for a minor broken fix



  • Not really good as a chair (not reclining), the curve design of the lumbar area is not comfortable for our bodies, the shape of the chair doesn’t match the shape of our body at that part.
  • Someone get the feeling of sliding down, and after getting up
  • The padded will soak of water, it’s not ideal for patio use or leaving outside
  • There is a metal return where you would put your feet to rest
  • It better comes with a cam for movement than a slide.
  • Plastic pats are cheap and low quality
  • The reclining and locking system didn’t work properly for someone, at its price point, this should not happen.
  • It’s too heavy to move in and out for someone, but it’s not good to leave it outside, you may need a cover or get hard of moving the chair



  • The locking mechanism didn’t work properly, some were broken after a short time
  • It’s way too wide for small people
  • didn’t find this chair comfortable. It was hard and the bars dug into me. I’m 6’1″ and it was way too short for me. I returned it.
  • There is a bar under the chair right where the thigh rest make the chair is not comfortable for sitting in the upright position
  • It’s named XL but actually, it is extra wide, not extra-long
  • Short people (under 5′) may get hard to push off with their foot to recline the chair from its upright position
  • Someone complain that this is not a true zero gravity chair but a lounger





  • 67.3% Satisfied: these customers were happy with this chair as they gound it’s comfortable with the padded and sturdy frame.
  • 14.4% Acceptable: this group of customers found some minor but acceptable problems (the chair was too heavy to move around, some minor faulty of assembly).
  • 5.9% Unhappy: some customers felt not comfortable with the chair and unhappy with the plastic parts.
  • 12.4% Disappointed: most of these customers found the size of the chair did fit their body.



I am over 6′ tall, will the chair fit?

If you are 6′ tall and above, you may find it’s short and your legs will hangover at the end of the chair, it’s not uncomfortable if you have a pillow to support your legs.

Can I wash it?

Yes, you can wash it by a wipe with a cloth or soft brush but should not soak it with water.

Is it weatherproof?

The frame is powder-coated to avoid rust, but you better don’t leave the chair outside under rain and direct sunlight for a longer last.

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Phi Villa Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs
Parts Of The Recliner
Padded Seat & Back
Reclining & Locking Systems
When The Chair is Full Reclined
Open and Folded Dimensions

From My Point Of View

If you’re shopping for a zero gravity chair that invites you to relax, try this one from PHI VILLA.

Not only is it attractive, but it’s also very comfortable. And its oversize dimensions and sturdy build make it even more appealing than the average lounge chair.

Let’s investigate how it compares to other zero gravity recliners in its class.

We’ll begin with its inviting appearance.

First, the PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Chair sports an eye-catching two-tone design. It’s available in various color combinations, like bright blue with black accents. And each one has a durable powder-coated steel frame that supports up to 350 pounds.

That frame also comes with non-skid feet.

Next, the armrests aren’t just bare plastic or metal as some chairs have. Instead, they have a wooden armrest. That’s not just an artistic touch; it’s practical.

The wood is much cooler to the touch on a hot day than black plastic which absorbs heat.

Moreover, the frame supports the body of the chair with a double bungee cord system. This system allows the seat to give but still provides firm support.

And it’s the design of the seat that’s one of the main highlights of the lounge.

The material that forms the seat and back of the recliner is not plastic fiber. Instead, it’s a soft but robust Oxford weave. It’s padded, and that makes the chair even more restful.

The cons of this fabric are that the material is not as breathable as mesh and it soaks up water. But it’s possible to wipe it clean.

Now the next question most shoppers have is regarding the size of the chair. It’s advertised as oversize zero gravity chair.

Is that really the case? We’ll take a look at the numbers and see.

When fully extended, the chair is 65 inches long, or 5’5”.

Users who are over 6 feet tall will find that their feet reach past the footrest. But customers who report this experience also say that the chair is pleasant to use. Some place their feet on a pillow instead of resting them on the bottom bar.

As for the width, the PHI VILLA recliner is very roomy. It measures 29 inches across.

Even though part of that space is occupied by the armrests, the seat is considerably wider than the typical lawn chair.

With regards to its ability to recline, the PHI VILLA achieves full zero gravity position. It surpasses 130°, and it locks at any position along the way.

The method for locking the lounge into position involves two levers, one underneath each armrest. Flip the levers forward to unlock the chair and change position. Then pull the levers down and back to lock the chair into place.

But there are still more features to explore.

For example, the chair comes with a removable tray. The tray has one opening to hold a cup or bottle. Plus, there’s a flat space to hold a plate or book.

It’s possible to mount the tray on either side of the chair, and it remains level even when the chair is reclined.

Next, there’s also a detachable pillow. It’s made of the same padded Oxford fabric as the body of the chair. It’s on an elastic strap that allows the user to position it as a headrest, or lower back support.

Finally, although the chair weighs close to 24 pounds, it folds up compactly for storage or transport. When folded, the chair is only 6 inches thick. We imagine that buyers will look forward to enjoying the PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Chair on camping trips and on their patios.


  • Oversized chair is 29 inches wide
  • Durable padded Oxford fabric
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Wooden armrests stay cool on a hot day
  • Detachable pillow/lumbar support
  • Reclines to zero gravity position
  • Easy-to-use levers lock chair into place
  • Accessory tray with cup holder
  • Nonskid feet on the frame
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Folds down to 6-inch thickness


  • Weighs 21 pounds
  • Fabric soaks up water

With so many zero gravity recliners on the market, choosing between them can feel a little overwhelming.

We like the PHI VILLA Zero Gravity Chair because of its comfy padded fabric in bright colors and the fact that it comes standard with an accessory tray.

We also appreciate the roomy design. Although this chair is not especially longer than other similar loungers, the width is significantly better. And that’s important for putting users at ease.

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