Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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Sunjoy understands what are the essential features that make a good zero gravity chair are and thanks to that they could make one of the most comfortable chairs in the market. With this zero-gravity chair, they have made it with the right amount of tension and technology.

Design & Frame

Even better the chair features a lightweight and sturdy construction with a powder-coated stainless steel framework. It is strong enough to hold you up in a zero-gravity position as you enjoy outdoor relaxation.

Plus, the coated frame has the ability to resist corrosion from environmental elements thereby enhancing its durability.

Despite the frame being lightweight, they are so strong and sturdy enough to offer reliable support and hold up to 300 lbs. For a stable zero-gravity experience, the legs of the chairs need to be widely spread to increase surface area which therefore improves the stability.

Padding & Fabric

Moreover, the chair seating area is made of a mesh Textilene fabric that is both UV resistant and breathable. It can withstand outdoor elements and it doesn’t retain heat which helps to ensure you get a comfortable zero-gravity experience.

Still, on the fabric, this is the best outdoor mesh fabric that doesn’t stick on your skin regardless of how sunny, hot and sweaty the summer season is. This makes it a good choice for hot sunny outdoor relaxation. All these quality features enhance its longevity both in performance and aesthetic appearance.

The straight durable padded armrest is wide enough to ensure your arms will have great support and maximum comfort. You’ll get to enjoy a comfortable relaxation while in the backyard or just watching your favourite sports event. It’s even more comfortable sleeping.

Reclining & Locking

You can easily transition from an upright position to a reclining position to enjoy the full zero-gravity comfort. The double bungee expandable cords hold the fabric and chair together which stretches out to suit different body styles for ultimate comfort and support.

Once you are set-up, you can effortlessly sit on the chair which will definitely hold you up ensuring there is no backward fall.

While in the reclining position, the chair maintains your body position which then reduces stress, eliminates pressure on the spine thereby increasing relaxation both on your neck and back.

Actually, you can control the reclining angle of the seat using your feet, quite simple right? Additionally, the upgraded locking mechanism easily locks the chair into place which helps to maintain your body in position by offering a high resistance level.

Size & Weight

The overall length of the chair is 63.3 inches while the sitting area width measures 20.5 inches not that bad for a standard chair. However, the only drawback is that if your 6 feet tall this might be an uncomfortable experience for you. Also, it is compact for storage.

Another appealing aspect of this Sanjoy zero-gravity chair is its easy folding mechanism that is quite effective in transportation. One of the good options if you are looking for portability. It weighs 15 pounds, a bit more than a standard beach chair, and users say it’s quite heavy to transport to the beach, yet it can work conveniently as a comfortable patio chair.

The good news is that this innovative piece doesn’t require any assembly, thereby you will definitely save time. Once out of the package, simply set it up, find your reclining angle and enjoy your comfortable relaxation. However, it not possible to get a fully flat body reclination.

Headrest & Lumbar Support

It also features extra effective add-ons, such as the detachable padded headrest which is definitely a plus. The headrest is conveniently used to ensure your body gets enough support and comfort. Consequently, it’s adjustable to any desired position for extra comfort.

With so many colour variation, including brown, beige, burgundy, grey, black and blue you have a variety to choose from depending on your aesthetics. Besides, this Sunjoy zero gravity chair has a simple design yet sophisticated, it speaks nothing more than comfort.

In regards to the warranty, you need to directly contact the manufacturer. Besides, Sanjoy design their chairs with great quality assurance and ultimate comfort. With great solid construction, you are guaranteed great support and comfort.


  • High-quality UV-resistant all-weather mesh fabric
  • Compact storage
  • Easy folding design
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Sturdy framework construction
  • Extra comfortable armrest
  • No assembly


  • Not ideal for tall people
  • Lacks side tray

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