Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Reviews Summary

This is a short summary of 403 reviews and feedback about the Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair that I’ve learned.

I read every single review (both positive and negative) about the zero gravity chair from the verified purchase customers, then combined into this reviews summary with a satisfying chart.

I keep everything short and super clear in one place as that’s the easiest (fastest) way for you to have an overview and see what other people comment or say about this oversized zero gravity chair.

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Brand/Seller:Timber Ridge
Open dimension:43.5 ” x 22 ” x 21.3 “
Folded dimension:37.2 ” x 30 ” x 6.6 “
Seat Width:21.3 “
Seat Deep:
Seat height (from the floor):16″
Back height:29″
Total length (reclined):72″
Capacity:330 Lbs
Item weight: 24.6 lbs
Frame: Powder Coated Steel
Material: Polyester with Padded Foam
Colors:Earth | Blue | Camouflage
Features: Natural wood armrest

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Satisfying Chart



Reviews Summary


  • Roomy and the length is good enough for tall and big people
  • Very sturdy and stable construction
  • Bungee suspension system with padded foam and adjustable pillow work perfectly
  • The reclining function operates smoothly with no binding
  • Locking systems are easy to use allowing you to lock the chair at any reclining position
  • Wooden armrests are nice and impressed with ergonomically designed and
  • Cup holder with a slot that ideal for cup or mug with handle
  • The joints are metal (not plastic) glides smoothly and holds up well.
  • Colors matching are nice
  • Customer services are good



  • The chair is quite bulky and heavy for some people, not ideal for small space
  • Some people (over 6′ tall) find that their feet hang over with sitting on the chair with full stretch out legs and the chair is reclined
  • Someone finds the lock levers made of plastic are not really sturdy and poor design
  • Some people reported that the chair is not reclined at full zero gravity position
  • Fabric is not really breathable
  • Cup holder with a sharp edge may hurt you or break your clothes
  • The directions are placed at the bottom of the chair is not so convenience even the chair is easy to use
  • Someone received chairs with missing screws or minor faulty assembled
  • Wooden armrests start to fade and crack after a while



  • Someone feels uncomfortable with their feet hanging over when the chair is reclined
  • The locking system is not working properly after a while
  • Some people find it’s hard to recline the chair and sit up from the reclining position as the reclining system doesn’t work properly
  • Fabric gets fade, seams start ripping, the armrests finish are fade, crack and get mold quickly after they leave the chair outside for a while
  • Someone received damaged or faulty chairs (screws were not installed properly, bolt sheared off



  • Most of the customers in this group left their chairs outside under rain and direct sunlight and their chairs damaged and useless after several weeks. The main problems include armrests are faded, cracked and get molded, the frame is rusted, seams are separated and the fabric is faded or tearing. the padding is soaked.
  • Someone found the chair frame was bent after uses, even one fell off because the chair was collapsed.
  • Some people found the chair is not comfortable, not stable, hard to recline, or too big or heavy for them, then they returned it.
  • Some old customer of this brand found that the new version of the chair is not as good as the old one.





  • 74.1% Satisfied: these customers were happy with their purchasing as they were comfortable with the chair.
  • 13.5% Acceptable: this group found some minor but acceptable problems (the chair was too bulky and heavy, some minor faulty from manufacturing).
  • 5.5% Unhappy: some customers were not happy with annoying problems but kept using the chair.
  • 7% Disappointed: most of these customers left their chairs outside and get it damaged and be useless quickly. Some others found it’s not comfortable for them.



Should I left the chair outside during inclement weather?

No, you shouldn’t, there are quite many people found their chairs damaged and useless after they left the chair under direct sunlight and rain after weeks.

Is there a carrying bag or case comes with the chair?

No, there isn’t a carrying bag but the chair is easy to fold.

Is it easy to open and fold?

Yes, it is easy to fold, open and recline.

This is an oversized (XL) zero gravity chair, is it comfortable for small people?

Yes for those who prefer a roomy chair, only it may not be easy to tilt back.

Is there a locker to keep this chair closed while carrying?

No. For the short distance of carrying for daily uses, just wrap the frame tubes as they are folded close together, for long-distance moving like camping, you can use a cord to tighten it.

Is it good for using a laptop?

Yes, it’s good for watching movies or reading on a laptop.
No, it’s not really ideal for typing or working.

Are there replacement parts for this chair (pad, armrest, bungee cord …)?

There are no replacement parts for this chair in particular but you can find some alternative products like bungee cords, drink tray.


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Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge XL Reclining Range

Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Folded

Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Features

Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair A Real Life Look

Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair Measurement

It looks to us like Timber Ridge checked out the competition in the zero gravity chair market, and then created a superior design.

Take a look at our review here, then compare it to other brands.

The Timber Ridge recliner implements several features that make it very comfortable.

First, the body of the chair consists of durable polyester fabric that’s padded. The padding takes off pressure from sore muscles and joints. And the material is supported by a bungee cord suspension system.

This system lets it give a little to better cradle the user.

Overall, the Timber Ridge chair is much comfier than the typical plastic lawn chair or poolside recliner.

It’s also less sweaty than those uncomfortable options. And it comes with a removable pillow to cushion the head and neck.

This pillow can slide down to serve as support for the lower back, too.

Next, the chair reclines backward into a full zero gravity position or about 130°. But the user can enjoy it in other positions, too.

There are quick-release levers underneath the armrests that lock it into place. And when the chair is fully reclined, it measures 72 inches long.

That’s pleasant for taller people.

To continue with our overview, let’s look at the specifications.

Most importantly, the Timber Ridge oversized zero gravity chair supports up to 350 pounds with its strong steel tube frame.

Should there be a problem with the chair, Timber Ridge offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. And they have a customer service team available to answer questions.

Customers who purchase an oversize chair want to know how wide it is and how long it is.

We already mentioned that the chair is 6 feet long when fully open. That includes the footrest at the bottom. And Timber Ridge also states that the seat is 21.3 inches wide.

Happily, that’s quite a bit roomier than an airplane seat.

But wait, there are a couple of other features that make this recliner appealing.

The first is that it comes with a removable cup holder. The cup holder clips onto the side and it’s large enough for a water bottle or your favorite drink.

Next, the plastic armrests are topped by a layer of finished wood. That’s not just for decoration; it also keeps the arms of the chair from getting too hot in the sun.

It folds up for transport and storage which makes it suitable to take to events and camping. And although you can’t wash it with detergent, the material is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Finally, the Timber Ridge Oversized Zero Gravity Chair is available in blue, earth tone, and camouflage.


  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Measures 6 feet long when fully reclined
  • Seat width is 21.3 inches
  • Durable polyester fabric is available in three patterns
  • The body of the chair is padded for comfort
  • Wooden armrests stay cooler than plastic in the hot sun
  • Comes with a removable cup holder and adjustable pillow
  • Covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Chair material should not be washed with detergent
  • Exposure to the elements may cause metal parts to rust

Timber Ridge strikes a balance between budget pricing and top quality features with their oversize zero gravity lounge chair.

The padded body of the chair makes it more comfortable than similar models from other brands.

The fact that it supports up to 350 pounds and measures 6 feet in length when fully reclined makes it appealing to a wider market.

And the addition of a cup holder that doesn’t need to be purchased separately is a nice touch.

You might feel that your search for the perfect zero gravity chair ends right here. But please take a moment to view our other reviews. You might discover that a recliner with a canopy suits you even better.


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